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Stanford Study Supports The Claims Of Happeh Theory.

This blog is no longer actively updated. I happened across the article below which supports the claims of Happeh Theory and felt forced to add it to the blog now, in 2021. One of the main claims of Happeh Theory is that a myriad of things can be determined from the examination of a person’s […]

A New AI Can Determine If A Person Is Gay Or Straight From A Facial Photograph. This Phenomenon Supports Both The Claims Made By Phrenology Decades Ago And The Claims Made By Happeh Theory Over The Last Decade

Artificial intelligence can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on photos of their faces, according to new research suggesting that machines can have significantly better “gaydar” than humans.

The researchers say that homosexual men were found to have narrower jaws, longer noses, larger foreheads and less facial hair than heterosexual men, and that homosexual women tended to have larger jaws and smaller foreheads than heterosexual women.

They added: “Lesbians tended to use less eye makeup, had darker hair, and wore less revealing clothes (note the higher neckline)—indicating less feminine grooming and style. Furthermore, although women tend to smile more in general, lesbians smiled less than their heterosexual counterparts.

Japanese “Fashion Trend” Is Really Japanese People Ridiculing Westerners Deformed In The Way Described By Happeh Theory

A news story recently reported that “the Japanese trend for ‘cavity pose’ is about people posing in a way that makes it look like they have a cavity, like the woman in this picture, ostensibly because make their faces look slimmer”. The story went on to say “The name of the pose, which means cavity pose, is called ‘mushiba […]