Jul 132013
Energy Linkage Example 03

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy”. The energy of the human body is invisible, in can travel across distances, and it can interact with and affect other living bodies. This series of blog entries is devoted to examples of living creatures whose bodies are being affected in some way by […]

May 152013
Energy Linkage Example 02

Please take a moment to examine the following picture and form an impression of it. The four men on the right side of the picture are leaning to their right. The next man in line is sitting mostly straight up and down, though his head does tilt to his left. The fifth man would probably […]

Apr 252013
The Energy Of The Human Body Can Link With And Be Influenced By The Energy Of Another Human Body

Human beings have what is commonly referred to as “energy”. That “energy” is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living creatures. Human beings have the ability to sense the “energy” of another human being and react to that knowledge in some way. That ability can be a conscious knowing […]