Apr 142011
Man Strolling With Woman - Energy Analysis 02

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living creatures. This series of blog entries comments on what the energy of the human beings in the current example picture is […]

Nov 152011
Kids Dressed As Elves - Energy Analysis 03

The picture above shows six human beings. One of the human beings obviously has strong energy. Please examine the picture to see if you can determine which human being has strong energy.  Please do not guess. A human being who has strong energy looks like a strong and healthy human being. Trust your intuition and […]

Aug 052011
Man Yawning - Energy Analysis 004

According to Happeh Theory, human beings have what is commonly referred to as “energy”. That energy is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can have an effect on other living things. This blog entry will discuss some of the energy interactions found in the example picture below. The photo is focused on […]

Jul 162011
Sitting Woman - Energy Analysis 005

Human beings have energy. Although the energy of human beings is invisible, it can be “seen” by noting it’s effects on the environment around it. This series of pictures show human energy in interaction with it’s environment. The reader who is curious about human energy should be able to train themselves to see energy using […]