Category: Cultural Creations That Support Happeh Theory

Rodin’s “The Thinker” Compared To Little Girl With Same Upper Body Pose

A previous blog entry¬†went into detail about how the sculpture known as “The Thinker” by the French artist Auguste Rodin, depicted a man whose body had been changed by masturbation. A picture of “The Thinker” is shown below. The sculpture was given the name “The Thinker” because artists and other intelligentsia thought that it looked […]

Japanese Insult Mocks People Whose Bodies Are Changed By Masturbation – Incomplete

The face made by the Japanese created cartoon character in the picture above is an insult. According to Happeh Theory, the insult is meant to indicate the person’s body has been changed by masturbation, or one of the other actions that cause similar changes to the body that masturbation does. Excessive Exercise, Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, […]

“Up Yours” Insult Gesture Is Meant To Mock A Person With A Masturbation Changed Body – Not Completed

The gesture known as the “Up Yours” insult is shown below. The “Up Yours” insult is meant to mock the involuntary movements made by a person whose body is changed by Masturbation. That insult applies to anyone whose body has been changed by the other actions listed by Happeh Theory, which are Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, […]