Plots By Evil

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Jan 012012


 The Plots By Evil described in the blog all fit the dictionary definition of the word “evil”. Each plot causes injury or harm to the mental development, the emotional development, or the physical development of the victims, or causes injury or harm to the victim’s current mental state, current emotional state, or current physical state.

The majority of the Plots By Evil are based on lies that encourage people to harm themselves. People will be encouraged by authority figures to engage in behavior that can be undeniably proven to be harmful to a human being anywhere in the world no matter what conditions there may be.

It is hoped that by learning of these Plots By Evil to mentally, emotionally, and physically weaken them and/or stunt their growth, the motivated individual will be able to avoid the plots, thereby giving them more of a chance to develop into the superior human being they were put here to become.

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