Apr 022012

“Anorexia Dent” is the name given to the “dented” look of one side of the torso of most individuals with Anorexia.


Anorexia Dent is not limited to Anorexic individuals though. The same “dented” look of the torso is associated with Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, Excessive Exercise, Injection or Snorting of Drugs, Youth and Old Age, and Analytical Thought. 

The majority of the examples in this section are Anorexia associated examples of Anorexia Dent from the fashion or modeling industries.

A frequent comment is that the dent in the side of the torso of those types of examples is due to the posture of the individual or the angle the picture was taken from. That is not the case. The example individuals all have a shrunken side of the torso that will be visible no matter what angle the body is viewed from.

Apr 012012

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. It is possible for one human being to “suck” or “drain” the energy from another human being and transfer it to themselves.

That process can be negative as might be expected, but it can also be positive.

Energy sucking is negative when it is done maliciously or done without regard for the health of the human being who is being sucked.

Energy sucking can be positive. For example. In some situations a human being with too much energy can become ill. Sucking that excess energy out of them would be beneficial under those circumstances.

Energy Sucking can also be used to drain emotional energies like anger, rage, sadness, or happiness from another human being. That can be a positive act depending on the situation.

The posts below discuss and contain examples of one human being Energy Sucking another human being.