Nov 192012

According to Happeh Theory, there is an energy associated with the human body. That energy is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living things. Some people might refer to the energy of the human body in terms like “soul” or “spirit”.

Human beings can “suck”, “drain”, or transfer energy from other human beings. Energy sucking is a negative act, but it can be justified in some cases.

In various discussion on different areas of this website, energy sucking is described as being the work of what are commonly called either “Vampires” or “Succubi”. Most people are familiar with Vampires.

Vampires are commonly described as sucking the blood of their victims. According to Happeh Theory, Vampires are real human beings who suck the energy out of other human beings. At the time the actions of Vampires were being described, there were no modern technological concepts like “energy”. So the people of those times used a word that meant “something precious and necessary to the body that could be taken away by force”.

Blood was what the people of those time would equate with “being precious and necessary for life that could be taken away”. If a human being was injured, other people could see the blood leak out of the body and watch the corresponding weakening of the actions of the wounded individual. Those actions mimic exactly how a human being having their energy sucked will act. The victim will become weak and lethargic in the same way they would if their actual blood was leaking out of them.

Succubi are similar “legendary” creatures said to suck the life energy out of human beings. The difference between Vampires and Succubi is that Succubi are female only, while Vampires are usually male, but could be male or female. Another characteristic of Succubi is that they are said to suck the energy out of men while they are sleeping. According to Happeh Theory, this was a warning to men that women had the ability to suck the energy out of them, and Succubi type women will do this when the man is sleeping.

As stated previously, energy sucking can be justified in some ways. A human being who is feeling unwell or weak, will tend to unconsciously suck the energy out of the people around them. The unhealthy human being is not sucking energy with an evil intent. They are ill and their weak body is trying to repair itself. A case could be made that some members of a group might willingly allow themselves to be energy sucked by an ill group member, to aid the recovery of that group member.

It is important to keep in mind though, that this type of energy sucking is still energy sucking, which will make the individual being energy sucked weaker than they were before.

Happeh Theory is not the only source in the world or history that claims some human beings suck the energy out of other human beings. Both of the cultures where the Vampire and Succubi legends originated of course knew the exact same things about human energy, and energy sucking human being,s that the creator of Happeh Theory does.

This blog entry uses a short video clip from a Japanese Anime cartoon to illustrate and discuss “energy sucking. The storyline illustrates in a way even children can understand how energy sucking works. The Japanese Anime video clip shows some characters discussing a race of creatures the Anime calls “Bounts”. “Bounts” suck the souls of living human beings for food.

The imaginary “Bounts”, who suck human souls for food, behave the same way as Vampires sucking blood from their victims, or Succubi sucking the energy out of sleeping men.

It is then mentioned that by sucking the souls of other human beings, the Bounts become immortal and live forever. While they may not become literally immortal, human beings who suck the energy out of other human beings will remain young looking far into their old age, because of the therapeutic effects of the life energy they suck.

The cartoon also compares the Bount to Vampires because the behavior of the two creatures are so similar.

The Anime states the Bount usually would suck the soul of human in the process of what they call “soul burial”, which would be when the human died.

That claim according to Happeh Theory is a warning. When a human being dies their soul leaves their body. If one of these energy sucking human beings is in the vicinity of the dying human being, the energy sucking human being can interfere with the soul release process in a negative way by trying to get at the dying soul.

The cartoon character states she saw a Bount sucking the life out of a living human being though.

The point being more verification, in addition to Vampires and Succubi, of creatures or types of human beings who suck the energy out of other human beings.

This blog entry is not trying to claim the Japanese children’s cartoon proves the existence of human energy or energy sucking human beings.

One point being made is that many human cultures geographically distant from each other, have all developed stories about human beings who suck the energy out of other human beings. That cannot be a coincidence. The independent development of those stories of creatures with differing names but the same behavior, in those geographically separated cultures, must be descriptions of actual events the people of those cultures experienced.

The other purpose of this blog entry is to provide an initial familiarity with the idea of human energy and energy sucking to people who have never heard of, given any thought to, or perhaps outright disbelieve in, the existence of the energy of the human body. Reading through this blog entry and watching the following complete video clip of the relevant scene from the Japanese Anime, will provide the curious but ignorant individual, with accurate information about the energy of the human body.

Energy Sucking Discussion with Japanese Language Audio and English Subtitles

Nov 172012

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. That energy can be visualized a enclosing the entire human body like an egg,

or surrounding the entire human body like the bumper of one of the bumper cars in the following picture.

The video linked below demonstrates how the energy field of the human body can behave like the bumper on a bumper car.

A webpage duplicate of the video is provided for those who prefer reading, and for more leisurely study.


This video demonstrates one of the properties of the energy field of the human body. Here is the example human model.

 This large egg shape will represent the energy field of the human body.

 The energy field can be said to completely enclose the body, in the same manner this egg shape completely encloses the model.

 Human beings can sense energy. They will react to an incoming energy field.  Here is a second person with an energy field surrounding him.

 If one person moves towards the other,

 the stationary person will not move because the energy fields do not interact.

 When the energy field of the approaching person touches the energy field of the stationary person,

 the stationary person will move back.

 The energy field acts like a car bumper

 that prevents the physical bodies from touching.

 This reaction can be used to determine the strength of another person’s energy field. A weak person would have a small energy field.

 The approaching person can get very close to the person’s physical body before contacting the smaller energy field of the the weak person,

 causing the weak person to retreat.

 If the energy field is increased in size to represent a normal person,

 the approaching person will trigger the retreating behavior of the stationary person at a farther distance  than that of the weak person.

 A strong person would have a correspondingly large energy field.

 The approaching person would trigger the retreating behavior at an even farther distance from the physical body of the stationary man. 

 The next picture compares the distance between the physical bodies of people with two same size energy shells to either someone with a smaller energy shell and someone with a larger energy shell.


Nov 172012

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body exhibits some of the same characteristics as those exhibited by electromagnetic energy. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can have an effect on other objects, just like electromagnetic energy.

There are many who doubt that claim because they do not understand how it can be possible. Energy is something that is associated with mechanical or electronic devices. Not human bodies.

 The similarity in construction between the organic cells of a human body and the magnetic field of a magnet provides a possible mechanism to describe how the human body could have energy.

The next picture shows is an example of what a magnetic field looks like.

The magnetic field is generated by a rectangular shaped magnet.

The lines leave the North pole of the magnet,

curve down along the side of the magnet towards the other end of the magnet,

where they reenter the South pole of the magnet.

A human being is a biological organism. Biological organisms are made of cells. Cells undergo various processes during their lifetime. Here is a picture of a cell undergoing a process called “Eukaryotic Cell Division”.

There are what are called “Centriole Pairs” at either end of the cell.

What are called “microtubules” connect the two centriole pairs.

You have already seen the connection haven’t you? If the Biological cell is rotated so one centriole pair rests on the ground, it looks like the magnetic field associated with a bar magnet.

The centriole pairs match the poles of the bar magnet,

and the microtubules of the Biological cell match the magnetic field lines.

It was stated at the beginning of this blog entry that there are people who do not believe there is an “energy” associated with the human body because they cannot envision how that could occur.

What if the organic cells of the human body radiate something invisible away from themselves the same way magnets radiate invisible magnetic field lines away from themselves?

They both look exactly the same……..

Nov 152012

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can cause a change in other living beings. The energy of a human being should normally be focused or centered on themselves.

It is common to hear energy described as “being put on something”. When a human being is “putting their energy on something”, either their body or some part of their body will be focused on “the something”. 

A human being might put their energy on an object because they are interested in it, because human beings sense objects with their energy the same way they sense objects with their hands or eyes.

Another reason a human being would put their energy on something would be to make whatever it was attractive to other human beings. Putting energy on an object makes it attractive to human beings because they are naturally and irresistibly attracted by energy in the same way they are attracted by flashing lights. This picture of a woman holding a root is an example of someone “putting their energy on an object”. 

There are a variety of clues that inform the knowledgeable observer this is an example of a human being putting their energy on an object. The most obvious clue involves the fact the root is the actual focus of the camera and the woman is just there to hold it. In order to get the observer to focus on the root instead of herself, the woman puts her energy on the root.

She does that by focusing her body on the root, which involves the woman holding the root at a specific horizontal distance away from her body,

a specific vertical location in relation to her body,

and a specific angle relative to her body.

The woman’s energy is fully focused on the root at it’s present location.

While the woman could still “put her energy” on the root if she held it at some other location like the one demonstrated in this picture,

only some percentage of her total energy would be put on the root. That smaller amount of energy will still draw the attention of a human being, but not as much as it would if all of the woman’s energy was being focused on the root by focusing her entire body on it.

 If a human being’s energy is not focused on themselves as is the case in this picture,

it will usually be found focused on whatever location their physical body is focused on.

An interesting phenomenon of the energy of human beings, is that when it is not focused on their body as is the case in this situation, it will usually be found to be focused on the same area that is the brightest area of the picture. The area around the root which is where the woman’s body is focused, is also the brightest area of the picture as highlighted below.

The fact the brightest area of the picture is also where the body is focused is corroborating evidence for the claim the woman’s energy is focused on the root, and supports the claim that in a photograph, the brightest area of the photograph is usually where the focal point of the energy of any human being in the picture will be found.

Nov 122012

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body can be treated as an amorphous cloud that hovers about the body, it can be treated as human body shaped could that hovers around the body, and it can be visualized as an exact duplicate of the physical body, that is centered and aligned on the physical body.

The word “aura” is frequently used when discussing both the energy body as an amorphous cloud hovering around the physical body, and the energy body as a human body shaped cloud hovering around the physical body.

Words can be less than helpful in comprehending or visualizing a phenomenon. The following pictures from a Japanese Anime depict what the energy field associated with the human body might look like if it was visible to the naked eye. The energy field or “aura” is the light colored area outlining the body.

 The aura from the rear.

 A close up of the aura around the face.

 And finally a profile view of the aura around the face.