Aug 032013

A news story reported helmets made for Western heads did not fit well on Asian heads. After scanning the heads of volunteers,


researchers found that the average Asian head is fatter than the average Western head.


The complete video of the news report is linked below.


The fact that Asian heads are fatter than Western head is related to Phrenology because in addition to having different sized heads, in general Asian people are more calm and level headed than Western people, and level headedness is a personality trait. Therefore, a preliminary Phrenological observation that could be made from this information is

 “Fat heads in general are associated with level headedness, while thin heads in general are associated with being excitable“.

No mention is made in the news story of why the heads of Asians are fatter than Western heads.

Asian heads are fatter than Western heads because Asians have a developed Yin part of the body and Westerners do not. 

An overhead computer generated view of the shapes of both skulls highlights where Yin development of the body adds tissue to the skull. Here is the overhead view of the Western head.


And here is the overhead view of the Asian skull.


If the Western head is superimposed on the Asian head,


it is clear that Yin development of the body tissue to the sides and front of the skull of a Yin developed human body,


which gives it a  more circular shape,


as opposed to the more oval shape of head on a body that is not Yin developed.


The following video morphs the Western head shape into the Asian head shape three times. 


Aug 022013

The following video contains an interview with a medical practitioner who is discussing how muscular changes can change the shape of the head.


The man never says the word “Phrenology”, but that is what he is talking about. Shape changes to the head and their impact on the health of the individual. The man uses the phrase “Head Shape Evaluation” during the interview.

“Head Shape Evaluation” is basically a three word definition of the term “Phrenology”. 

The part of the interview about the Head Shape Evaluation process is quite intriguing. They show babies heads being measured by some device,


which then displays the head shape on a computer monitor.


Proving Phrenology, which was developed back in the 1800’s through nothing but the powers of observation and critical thinking, is a valid science, now would be nothing more than comparing the results of these scans to the actual behavior observed in the babies as they age.  

Head Shape Evaulation Interview