Sep 292016

One of the main reasons people give for disbelieving the claims of Happeh Theory, chief among them that masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, is that scientists claim masturbation is harmless. For that reason this website highlights the fact that scientists are constantly being proven to be wrong about pronouncements they make, and scientific advice is constantly being shown to be harmful and even cause death among people who follow that advice. The hope is that when readers are confronted with all of the situations where scientists are proven wrong or their advice is proven harmful, they will discard their blind trust in scientists and become more open to the claims of Happeh Theory.

The study that this post is based on has found that people who take Ibuprofen, a common pain reliever that is recommended by doctors as a panacea for any and all health complaints in the author’s experience, will increase the chances for those people to be admitted to a hospital for heart failure.

If doctors and scientists can be so stoopid and so callous that they routinely recommend people take a drug that has a 20 percent chance of landing them in the hospital with heart failure, why would any thinking person unquestioningly trust those doctors and scientists when they say something equally stoopid and callous like “masturbation is harmless and is actually beneficial”?

The news story about the study is reprinted below.

Taking common painkillers like ibuprofen raises the risk of being admitted to hospital for heart failure for a fortnight, the biggest ever study has shown.


Researchers at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy found some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) double the risk of heart problems.

And even common drugs, like ibuprofen increase the chance of being admitted to hospital by 18 per cent for 14 days after swallowing.

The authors say that it is now so easy to buy drugs in supermarkets that many people think medication is harmless but it could be dangerous for people with underlying heart conditions.

“This study offers further evidence that the most frequently used individual traditional painkillers are associated with an increased risk of hospital admission for heart failure. Moreover, the risk seems to vary between drugs and according to the dose,” said lead author Dr Giovanni Corrao.

The findings are based on almost 10 million painkiller users from Britain, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

The researchers found that the magnitude of risk varied between individual drugs and increased substantially at high doses.

Heart failure is caused by a wide range of conditions, including high blood pressure, heart attacks, alcohol, and obesity.

British experts said it was unlikely that painkillers could cause problems in people with healthy hearts, but they may unmask heart failure due to these other causes.

Helen Williams, consultant pharmacist for cardiovascular disease at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, said:  “The study reinforces the need to carefully weigh up the risks and benefits of using NSAIDs. Measures to help reduce risk include using medicines with a lower risk of cardiovascular problems, minimising the prescribed dose to the lowest dose that is effective and where possible, limiting the length of time the patient takes the medicine.

“People regularly purchasing NSAIDs over the counter, such as ibuprofen, should seek advice from their pharmacist or doctor. “

Prof Peter Weissberg, medical director at the British Heart Foundation, added: “Since heart and joint problems often coexist, particularly in the elderly, this study serves as a reminder to doctors to consider carefully how they prescribe NSAIDs, and to patients that they should only take the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible time.

“They should discuss their treatment with their GP if they have any concerns.”

The research was published in the BMJ.

Aug 272016

Scientists R Stoopid. Really Stoopid. And Greedy. Scientists will say anything that will make them money, and they will make claims based on very little evidence that eventually turn out to cause mass pain and suffering to the unfortunate people who trusted and believed them. The story that this blog post is based on describes one of those situations.

Scientists have prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy for decades to help women experiencing menopause symptoms. They have blithely prescribed these pills and made millions and millions of dollars doing so.

Now a new study has revealed that Hormone Replacement Therapy undeniably increases the risk of breast cancer in women who take it.

So all of those women that trusted scientists because scientists know best, either have breast cancer, have died from breast cancer, or stand a very strong chance of developing breast cancer.

The reason this blog emphasizes situations like this is that many people reject the claims of Happeh Theory because scientists do not support those claims, and demonstrating through these blog posts that scientists are wrong, constantly, all of the time, with life threatening consequences, will hopefully convince readers that there is validity to the claims of Happeh Theory, even though scientists do not support them.

Never trust a scientist. The only things they are interested in is money, status, and fame. They will say and do things that will cause you and your family to get sick or even die, just so they can take money out of your wallet.

The news story this blog post is based on is reprinted below.

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Aug 022016

One of the main reasons people disbelieve the claims of Happeh Theory, chief among them that masturbation will make a person blind and crippled, is that Doctors disagree with that claim, and actively promote masturbation as being healthy.

Doctors are liars, Doctors are stoopid and Doctors are wrong all of the time. Constantly. Every day of every month of every year. The story that is the basis of this blog entry provides another example of doctors being wrong, and provides another reason why people should believe the claim by Happeh Theory that masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled.

Doctors have promoted flossing of the teeth for decades as a practice that is conducive to good health. Now new research described in the story reprinted below has found that flossing doesn’t really do much of anything.

If Doctors can be wrong about flossing, and only realize it decades later, then of course they can be wrong when they claim masturbation is healthy. Only in another 10, 20, 30 or 40 years will some study be released that states that the claims of Happeh Theory are correct, masturbation really does make a human being blind and crippled, and Doctors have been wrong for all of those decades.

And what about all the people who listened to Doctors and masturbated all of those decades? As they go to the eye doctor for glasses and go to the hospital for leg braces, crutches and wheel chairs, they will hear the Doctors say “Sorry I was wrong about masturbation and you are now blind and crippled. See you later because I have to drop my children off at private school before I go to the private country club for a round of golf!”.

Anyone that was foolish enough to believe that Doctors are competent and masturbated based on current Doctor recommendations, is going to be partially blind, partially crippled, and paying doctors money to take care of those ailments, along with all of the other health problems that Happeh Theory states masturbation will cause.

Do not trust Doctors! They are liars, they are stoopid, they are wrong and they will accept payoffs and bribes from people like manufacturers of dental floss to say anything, whether it is true or not. Masturbation WILL make a human being blind and crippled, and if you want to avoid those conditions you will face the reality that Doctors really are stoopid, they cannot be trusted and it is in the best interest of your future to ignore their advice that masturbation is healthy.

The story about flossing not being effective is reprinted below.

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Jun 172016

Masturbation will make any human being blind and crippled, as well as causing other health problems. The severity of the health problems is directly related to the amount of masturbation a person engages in.

The article reprinted below is another one printed by “an authority” that claims masturbation is harmless. The author of this blog feels that these articles are printed on purpose to encourage people to engage in behavior that will make the ill so they need expensive health treatment that the authors of these articles or someone related to them in some way can profit from, and to make people mentally weak so they are easy to control.

Please do not fall for their lies just because they claim to be “an authority”. In depth questioning of any of these “authorities” will reveal that they actually have no idea at all of how masturbation affects the body, or that they are lying about the effects of masturbation on the body.

The original article printed by an organization called “Medical Daily” can be found below the line.


Given that we were once a country so desperate to stop masturbation that we invented Corn Flakes in the early 1900s, it’s safe to say we’ve felt conflicted about the act for quite some time, as fun and healthy as it might ultimately be.

Much of our fear of self-love can be attributed to enduring cultural and religious taboos surrounding sexuality and promiscuity, especially for women. But that fear has a physical component too. There’s the old-timey myth that it can cause blindness in teenage boys, for example, and the only slightly more credible idea that it will make us infertile — we’ve long worried that masturbation can cause irreparable damage to both our souls and bodies.

Outdated and silly as these urban legends may be, we might be tempted to think that there’s at least a grain of truth to them. That’s why Medical Daily enlisted a few sex experts to help explore a simple question: Can you really masturbate too much?

Erection Junction, What’s Your Function?

As with most questions, there’s a short answer and a long one.

“There’s really no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to masturbation,” Claire Cavanah, co-founder of the sex toy boutique Babeland and co-author of Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex, told Medical Daily. “As long you can still perform the major functions of your life, you’re fine.”

Dr. Ian Kerner, a psychotherapist and nationally prominent sex counsellor, largely agrees, though he does notice patterns among his male clients who report feeling physically unable to ejajacuate or have chafed equipment down under due to their masturbation schedule. “I will look at how often they masturbate, and it tends to be in the five to 10 times a day range, depending on age.” he said.

But when it comes to these select cases, Kerner adds that masturbation is more a symptom of other mental health issues like depression or anxiety than a problem in itself. “A lot of men are going through rough times on the employment scene and not going to work, or they’re single and either want to be in a relationship or not,” he said. “Sometimes men are using it as a distraction mechanism or a way of regulating anxiety or emotion.”

Excessive masturbation might even serve as a means of avoiding, albeit poorly, what Kerner calls erotic conflict. He offers the scenario of a male patient in a heatrosexual marriage who is struggling with admitting his attraction to men. “The more he doesn’t deal with that attraction in different ways, the more it expresses itself through masturbation, which then leads to shame and guilt,” he said.

Kerner’s hypothetical also emphasizes the important point brought up by Cavanah — it’s not really the number of times we might masturbate a day that’s potentially a problem, but the level of distress it causes when we do.

“I think it’s misguided and useless to put a specific number on it,” New York University professor of human sexuality Dr. Zhana Vrangalova told Medical Daily. “It’s much more reasonable to think of masturbating too much in terms of it getting in the way of doing the things you want to do.”

The Right Stuff

As with the aforementioned myths, the fear of too much solo funtime is more often influenced by the beliefs we hold onto than any physical signs of overuse. “I get questions from people across the world asking ‘I masturbate once a week or once a day, is that a lot?’” Vrangalova said. “So there’s a lot of people who think that a very common amount of masturbation is harmful because of their beliefs.”

Figuring out the golden balance between your cultural or religious ideals and your sexual desires can definitely be tough, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Just like there’s no precise figure of overmasturbation, there’s no perfect right amount either. Especially since any number of personal and outside factors, such as ovulation or pregnancy in women, can muck with that frequency or our desire.

But for those who are legitimately worried about their self-love habit — whether because of feelings of shame, lost hours of the day, or some other reason — and want to explore that issue further, both Kerner and Vrangalova recommend finding a nonjudgmental therapist to talk openly with.

“Even if you think you’re masturbating too much, don’t jump to the conclusion that you’re a sex addict or a porn addict. You may have a behavior that’s out of control that you need to bring into control. But it’s much better to look at the underlying causes than to jump to the conclusion ‘Okay, I’m an addict! I need to go cold turkey or I need to go to some 12-step program,’” Kerner said. “These interventions may be down the line, but I would really do that under professional help and with a therapist who normalizes sexuality and who is sex-positive.”

And though women tend to masturbate less often than men, they do have their own unique version of the question, according to Cavanah: Can using a vibrator all the time to masturbate and orgasm ruin every other form of sexy fun?

“Sexual pleasure is fraught with anxiety in our mainstream culture,” she said. “We assure our customer: If they put their vibrator down for a while and masturbate without it, they will in all likelihood enjoy sex in other ways.”

May 312016

Scientists R Stoopid. Really Really Stoopid. The scientists described in the news article that is the basis for this blog post claim that the reason Russian people do not smile has to do with psychological factors. While that claim may have some small percentage of truth to it, that is not the real reason Russian people do not smile.

The actual reason Russians, as well as many Asian cultures, do not smile much is physical. The physical reason is related to the discussion in the news story about how people who smile are frequently viewed as fools by Russians and the people of various Asian cultures. Human beings who are physical weak in a particular way will have a tendency to smile frequently, while human beings who are physically strong in a particular way will tend to never smile.

The news article is reprinted below.

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