Jun 282003

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other bodily changes and health problems. Homosexuality is also associated with many of the same bodily changes and health problems. This blog entry presents an example of a self professed gay person, whose body corroborates the claim “Homosexuality will make a human being blind and crippled”.

The woman in the following picture is a self declared gay person so there can be no question that homosexuality has had some kind of affect on her body. Please take a moment to examine how her body looks.

The woman is not standing up straight. Her stance and posture are all mixed up. Instead of standing with her feet apart so that her body has balance and stability, her right leg is crossed over her left leg in a way guaranteed to give her stability problems.

That is one of the reasons heterosexual people are called “straight” and homosexual people are called “twisted”. The bodies of homosexual people are actually twisted so they cannot stand up straight.

Homosexuality is also responsible for the look of the woman’s arms. The woman’s left arm hangs down along her body,

while her right arm hangs out away from her body.

The sleeve of the left arm is all the way down to the wrist,

while the sleeve of the right arm has been pulled up.

It is the position of the author that the electric cord was put in her right hand,

to distract the eye away from the different appearance of the two arms.

The woman’s body corroborates the claim by Happeh Theory that Homosexuality is associated with crippling of the body, because a human body whose legs are not stable and whose arms are different lengths and do not hang straight on the body, fits the definition of “crippled”.

The condition of the woman’s head corroborates the claim by Happeh Theory that Homosexuality is associated with some degree of blindness. The woman’s head is hanging down to her right.

Her head is hanging down to her right because the musculature on the right side of the head has atrophied to the point it can no longer hold the right side of the head up. That same shrinkage of the right side of the head affecting the musculature also affects the eyes. The woman’s right eye is mostly obscured by her hair.

The woman has allowed her hair to obscure her right eye because the vision in it has degraded to the point that it makes no difference that there is hair in front of it.

The degradation of the vision in the right eye forces the woman to look mostly through her left eye. That compulsion gives a certain look to the left eye that is called “Cyclopean Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature because even though she has two eyes, it looks like she is only focusing out of one of them.

The previous observations corroborate the claim by Happeh Theory that Homosexuality is associated with blindness, because a human body in which the vision has degraded so far in one of the eyes that the person does not mind if that eye is covered up with hair or not, fits the definition of blindness.

Apr 012003

Black and white photography has the ability to show the energy associated with the human body. The subject of a black and white photograph will be surrounded by light of varying gradations, like the subject shown in this picture.

What is it that determines the exact pattern of light degradation? A scientist or camera professional would attribute the pattern to nothing more than the intensity of the lights in the scene and their positioning. If the scientist or camera professional was right though, shouldn’t the pattern of light around the man be mostly even? Shouldn’t it be one shade of white, gray, or black all across the background?

It is of course true the exact answer to those questions depends on the nature of the light source. If the light source was overhead lights, that would reinforce the position the light should be evenly spread. Even if the light source was a flash for a camera though, shouldn’t the brightly lit area around the man be a mostly evenly lit circle?

It is the position of the author that all living creatures have what is commonly called “energy” associated with their body, and that “energy” will affect the pattern of light in a black and white image.  

The energy of the human body can manifest itself in a number of ways. One of those ways is as a large bulging area to the rear of the body. If that claim is true, and the claim the energy of the human body affects the light pattern in black and white photographs is also true, then the picture of the Kung Fu man who would be expected to have strong energy, should show some evidence of being influenced by the Kung Fu man’s energy.

The picture of the Kung Fu man does show the expected changes. The lines in the following picture highlight the very small area of brightness to the front of the man’s body, and the very large area of brightness to the rear of his body.

It is the author’s claim the area behind the Kung Fu man’s body is so large and so bright because his energy is located back there, and his energy has affected the intensity of light that is picked up by the black and white camera.

The interested individual should pay special attention to the back. The light intensity is so high on the back that the details of the back are washed out. That is interesting because Kung Fu is supposed to make the back very strong. If the back is physically strong, it should have strong energy. And if the back had strong energy, it should have a strong effect on the light in a black and white photograph, like making the area so bright it washes out that part of the photograph.

Mar 152003

Have you ever really examined your hands? How they are constructed, how they do what they do, the flexibility and the strength they demonstrate. Did you ever wonder how something so small can do so much? 

Think of the power necessary to lift up a piece of furniture. The dexterity necessary to do work requiring coordination like auto repair or electronics work. How specifically are the hands able to do what they do?

The most likely response to that question would include a discussion of muscles and bones. An even more detailed answer might include the blood flowing in and out of the hand as well as the nerve impulses being sent to the hand by the brain.

Those answers should feel unsatisfactory. The muscles that are a part of the hand do not seem powerful enough to do the things they can do. It feels like there must be some other factor or factors involved in the strength the hand is able to produce.

There are other factors involved in the strength of the arm. An obvious one that many readers have probably already considered are the muscles of the arm. The muscles of the arm are involved in activating the hand so they would contribute to the strength exhibited by the hand.

Even if the muscles of the arm are considered in the consideration of the strength the hand can produce, it still feels like something is missing. It is hard to believe that a weightlifter for example, could lift up four hundred pounds with the muscles in their arms and hands.

Anyone familiar with lifting large and heavy objects has heard the admonition to “Put Your Back into it”. It is not possible to lift a refrigerator by standing up straight in front of it, clasping it with the hands, and then picking it up. It is necessary to bend over, get the body set up, and then lift the refrigerator. That real life example shows legs and back are also important in using the hands.

Consideration of that reality should raise some intellectual questions though. How can the legs and back contribute to the strength of the hands? The arm contributes to the strength of the hand because the arm is connected to the hand. How do the legs and back contribute to the strength of the hand since they are not connected to the hand?

On possible response would be “Bracing the back and legs allows more power to be applied to the hands”. While that response is factually correct, the way it is worded does not help further the discussion because of the lack of detail. How exactly does bracing the legs and the back contribute to the power that is exhibited by the hands? 

Please examine this picture of a human hand superimposed on the body of a computer model.

The hand and the human body have the same number of protuberances extending out from it. The hand has four fingers and one thumb, for a total of five protuberances sticking out from it. The human body has two legs, two arms, and a head extending out from it, which is a total of five protuberances also.

It is not a coincidence both objects have the same number of protuberances extending out of them. That correspondence helps explain why the hand can exhibit the strength that it does. 

The hand was oriented on the body in the way that it was to demonstrate the relationship between the protuberances of the hand and body.  The palm is linked to the side of the body. The pinky finger is related to the right arm, the ring finger is linked to the head, the middle finger is linked to the left arm, the index finger is linked to right leg, and the thumb is linked to the left leg. The following picture attempts to visually represent those linkages.

The reason the hand can exhibit the power that it does according to the author, is because the hand is really actuated by the entire body, and not just by the local muscles of the hand or arm.

The only way to really prove that claim is accurate is for the ready to either become aware of those internal body connections if they already have them, or to work on their body until they develop the connections.

A further intellectual argument to support the hand/body connections being described is to note which fingers of the hand are linked to which protuberances of the human body. The index and thumb are the strongest fingers of the hand. And the index finger and thumb are linked to the legs in the picture, which are the strongest protuberances from the human body.

Feb 252003

Last week we spent time talking about the Egg basic building block of the 3 building blocks theory. This week we will discuss the Wave building block. Do you know what a wave is? A wave is a shape that has a low point, travels up to a midpoint, travels up to a highpoint, turns and goes back down to the midpoint and then goes down again to a low point. This pattern when it repeats itself is what defines a wave.

You are your personality, thoughts and memories, not your body. You float around out their somewhere until the time is right and then you move into a human body to inhabit until it burns out. What kinds of indications are there that this is true? It is commonly accepted in medical terms to describe the functions of the brain as “brainwaves” The activity in the brain is electromagnetic wave activity.

The eyes see electromagnetic radiation in the form of visible light. Electromagnetic radiation travels invisibly thru the air in the form of waves. The ears hear sound energy. Sound energy also travels invisibly thru the air in a wave pattern. In both of the above examples the shape of the waves is what determines what type of light or sound you are receiving. Those are two examples that the wave is a basic building block of everything in reality. To receive input, the data is received as waves so the human body must have wave processors, the eyes and ears in these examples. Another example is touch. Touch is vibration. Vibration is a wave traveling in a solid material.

These are some ephemeral types of clues. What other things can help us conclude that the wave is indeed one of the three basic building blocks that can describe everything? Have you ever looked at a human body? I mean looked at it with a curious eye, not as a distraction?

Here is a picture of half of a computer model human body.

What do you see other than a poor quality image? The bottom yellow and brown part is the leg, the pinkish stuff above is the torso. The arm is obvious. The head is the bluish blob on top. Think about our conversation to this point as you examine the photo. Does anything strike you while you look at the photo?

The human body is a wave. It may not be so obvious in the photo above because of the quality. Or maybe the orientation. Here is the photo again with a line highlighting the wave shape of the arm.

The model is oriented horizontally in the next picture with a line highlighting the wave shape of the side of the body.

Is it more readily apparent now? In the picture on the left, there is a line drawn over the arm in the shape of a wave. The wave follows the contour of the arm. Up over the fist, down to the wrist, up over the forearm, down to the elbow, up to the bicep, down to the base of the shoulder, up over the bulk of the shoulder. It travels thru the neck and repeats itself thru the other arm out thru the hand. Your arms are in the shape of a wave.

The legs are the same. The effect is easier to see with the body layed on it’s side. The foot is not detailed enough to see so you need to image it. Up the ball of the foot, down to base of the ankle, up to top of ankle, down to ankle/lower leg joint, up over the lower leg, down at the knee, up over the thigh, down at waist thigh joint, up over waist, down at waist/stomach junction, up over trapezius muscle on side of torso, down at armpit, up at arm, down at neck and up over head.

There is a wave that runs thru the body vertically and horizontally. Not just one. The picture shows only one for demonstration purposes. You will find this effect repeated in other places.

That seems convincing. The wave is one of the 3 basic building blocks and it’s shape is right there on the outside of the human body. Anything else handy for convincing? Have you heard of DNA? It is a chemical that describes a human being. Sort of like an instruction manual. DNA is a spiral that has different chemicals at different places on the spiral. Below is a picture of DNA.

The DNA is in the shape of a spiral because that is the most efficient shape for it’s function. The two strands on either side are commonly described as a ladder with the rungs in between. The rungs are the actual chemicals the define the human being. They are adenine, guanine, cytosine and one thymine. 😉 That gives you 4 items you can combine in various ways to make different stuff. If you know math I think that is 4 factorial or something like that. 4!=4X3X2X1=24 different combinations. Then their position on the ladder also makes a difference.

You cannot have a human being without DNA. A DNA is a human being for all intents and purposes. You might have heard of genetic testing for criminals. This is done using the DNA of the person because no two people have the same DNA. This is all supposed to get across the feeling that DNA is highly important aspect of the human body. Now lets look at the picture again.

Now that we have done some talking you most likely do not need me to tell you what you are looking at. The DNA, when viewed horizontally is a wave. Broken down even more, a spiral is a wave that has been stretched out in a third dimension. A wave is 2 dimensional. So we have wave to spiral to 2 spirals make DNA.

There is one more thing on my mind that feels a little off tangent. There is the urge to write it down so I will. Another of the basic theories is that every invention in the world came from the human body. How does this relate to the current discussion. Below is another picture.

This is what is called a helical antenna. As you can see the antenna is a spiral. And a spiral is a wave with a 3rd dimension. The relationship I wish you to focus on is this. An antenna is used to receive waves. TV, radio, microwave, all kinds of waves. This antenna is in the shape of a spiral. If a spiral antenna can pick up radio waves, do you think it is possible that your DNA, which is 2 spirals hooked together, can pick up waves? Seems like having 2 spirals hooked together might even make the reception better.

If that was true, could that account for mental telepathy? That would be a wave emitted from your brainwaves and picked up by someone else. Or maybe those funny feelings that come over people. Like the one where you know someone is looking at you and you turn and there is someone looking at you. What if the person looking was sending waves at you, attention on you waves. The spirals in your DNA pick it up and send off a warning.

Or the feelings you get like premonitions, when something is going to happen and then it does. What about emotions? You know how you cry if someone else is crying. Instead of you crying because you feel bad for them, what if they are emitting or sending out crying waves? Your DNA picks up the crying waves like a TV set and like a TV you play what you recieve. So you start crying because that is the channel you are tuned into.

Jan 202003

The Fountain of Youth was a mythical treasure that a Spanish guy named Ponce De Leon searched for back when they first were exploring the North American continent.

Many other people have searched for the Fountain of Youth. The phrase has come to mean searching for an elusive, mystical treasure.

There is nothing elusive or mystical about the Fountain of Youth. It is only mystical if you do not know what is really going on. The purpose of the legend is to stimulate people’s curiosity in a way that will eventually lead them to evolving into a superior human being.

Human beings evolved from one celled organisms in the oceans millions of years ago. Those one celled organism evolved into fish, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds, and then finally into human beings.

It is the claim of Happeh Theory that the human body retains characteristics of all of those creatures that preceded it on the path of evolution. Somewhere within the physical body or in the behavior of the human body there are still characteristics of birds, reptiles, fish, or even the original one celled organism the human body evolved from.

The fish that human beings evolved from can be categorized in two ways. There are fish that breathe oxygen thru gills as they swim under water. A different type of fish breathes oxygen like human beings do by rising up to the surface of the water and inhaling air. Examples of that type of fish include dolphins, porpoises, whales, orcas.

Those fish do not breath in through the mouth like a human being does. There is a hole in the top of the head of those types of fish that they breath through. When the fish are under water, that hole must be kept closed so no water gets in. The hole is opened when the fish surfaces so air can enter through it. 

That hole is commonly called a “blowhole”. If the statement made earlier that “human beings still retain the characteristics of all of the creatures on the path of evolution” is correct, there should be a blowhole in the top of the head of a human being.

Everyone of course knows there is not a hole in the top of the head of a human being that opens and closes for breathing purposes. A fact which would seems to contradict the claim “the human body retains characteristics of all of the creatures on the path of evolution”. 

It is not necessary for there to be an actual hole in the top of the human head that can be seen to open and close, for the claim ‘the human body retains characteristics of all of the creatures on the path of evolution” to be true.

How would a blowhole open and close? There would have to be some system of muscles that contracted or relaxed in some particular pattern to either open or close the hole. If the human body had a system of muscles within it that acted as if it was opening and closing a hole in the top of the head, then the claim “the human body retains characteristics of all of the creatures on the path of evolution” would be true.

That is what the author is claiming. There is a “hole” in the top of the human head formed from organic tissue that can be “opened” and “closed” by a particular group of muscles. 

How do those muscles open and close the hole in the head?

One way to close the opening of a circular hole would be to move a disc shaped over the hole. The muscles of a human body are long and stringy, so it doesn’t seem likely the blowhole in the human head is closed by moving a disc shaped object over it. 

If muscles are long and stringy, then there must be some method of closing a hole with long and stringy objects, if there really is a hole in the top of the head that can be opened and closed with muscles. One method of using long stringy objects to close a hole would be to arrange a group of those objects radially around some chosen point.

When the muscles were activated they would pull apart from each other which would create a hole at their centerpoint. When the muscles were deactivated they would extend relax and extend back to their center point, which would close the hole that had been temporarily created there. The next image tries to convey what is being said.

Do not be concerned if that explanation is difficult to comprehend or visualize, because there is an easy way to learn exactly how that type of hole would work. The anus opens and closes in the way the previous paragraph describes. If you can learn and feel how the muscles of the anus open and close the anus, you will know exactly how the theoretical blowhole in the top of a human head opens and closes.

It is not a coincidence the anus works like the blowhole in the top of the human head. According to the author, the anus operates using the same mechanism as the blowhole in the top of the head because of the laws of physics. One of the laws of physics states “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The anus is located in the buttocks which are at the bottom of the torso. An “equal and opposite hole” to the anus would have to be located at the top of the torso, which would be the top of the head. That line of reasoning is further support for the claim there is a fish-like blowhole in the top of the human head.

The following graphic shows a circle in the top of the head for the blowhole, and a circle at the bottom of the torso for the buttocks. The lines traveling from those two holes to the center of the body are meant to represent the physical connection between the two holes.

With those preliminary explanations presented, the discussion about “The Fountain Of Youth” can continue.

When a whale comes up to the surface, it expels the bad air before it breathes in good air. When a whale expels air from it’s blowhole it is sometimes described as a “fountain”, because the exhale takes some of the surrounding seawater up into the air with it. 

The “blowhole” in the top of the human head is not an actual hole connected to the lungs, so a human being cannot “exhale” or “inhale” air through the blowhole claimed to be in the top of their head. If it is not air that is traveling through the blowhole in the top of the human head, and there really is a blowhole in the top of the human head, what is traveling through it?

According to the author the blowhole in the top of the head “breathes energy”. The blowhole in the top of a human head can open up to emit or “breath out” energy, or to receive or “breath in” energy. 

The blowhole in the top of a human head is not necessarily completely clear or open. Like the anus, the pathways to the blowhole and the blowhole itself can experience blockages. Any blockage of the blowhole would of course impede the flow of energy through it.

The “secret” of “The Fountain Of Youth” is that if a human being works to keep the blowhole in the top of their head clear and unobstructed, it will seem like a fountain of energy is coming out of the top of their head, like a fountain of water seemingly comes out of the top of the head of a whale or other air breathing fish.

The pathway that is opened when your blowhole is opened can be nice and clear or it can be obstructed. The idea behind the Fountain of Youth is that if the blowhole is clear, that means your body is healthy and funcitoning properly. It must be or the blowhole would be clogged up.

The purpose of creating a legend about an actual “Fountain Of Youth” whose waters would make people young, was a way of motivating people to keep their bodies health so their blowholes would stay clear and unobstructed.

The legend also has an element of truth in it.  Although no one will ever find an actual fountain whose waters will make them look young, a human being who keeps the blowhole in the top of their head clear and unobstructed will tend to look youthful, because the unrestricted flow of energy in and out of the top of their head contributes powerfully to their physical health.

The picture below tries to demonstrate how an unrestricted and an obstructed blowhole would each affect their respective physical bodies.