Don’t Try To Help People – Dragonball Episode 082

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Jan 142014

This episode has a particularly strong lesson for a child’s cartoon.

Two guys in the video are criminals who work with a monster.


The monster goes to a town and terrorizes the people. The two guys go to the town and offer to stop the monster for money. After the townspeople agree to pay, the two guys tie up their friend the monster, and tell the townspeople they have killed the monster. The townspeople pay the money, and the two criminals and the monster go to the next town to do it again.

Goku knows that the two criminals and the monster are working together. The two criminals have done something to Goku and he is chasing them.

Goku finds the criminals at the next village that is their victim. The monster is tied upside down and it is supposed to be dead. The two criminals are ready to collect the money.

Goku runs up and tells the townspeople that the two criminals and the monster work together.


He tells them the monster is really alive, and tickles the monster to prove it.


The monster begins to laugh, and the towns people get angry and are ready to get the criminals.

The criminals are desparate, so they accuse Goku of working with the monster. This is the first lesson that this cartoon can teach. No matter how stupid something is, if you are convincing, people will believe you. It makes no sense at all that Goku is working with the monster. Why did Goku run up to warn the townspeople if he was working with the monster? But the two criminals are so confident, that even though what they say is stupid, the townspeople believe them.

If you are ever in a situation where you are counting on people to be smart and to understand what is going on, don’t do it. Just as this cartoon shows, people will usually do the stupidest thing possible, and that stupid thing will almost always cause you grief.

Next, to prove that they don’t care about the monster, the criminals start to burn the monster.


They tell the townspeople this proves they do not care about the monster. They tell the townspeople that if Goku stops the monster from burning, that proves Goku is working with the monster.

This next lesson is an ugly one in my opinion. Burning a monster on purpose in a childs cartoon? The monster burns for awhile until Goku cannot stand it. Goku cuts the monster down and puts out the fire. During all this time, no one else had an empathy for the burning monster.

If you think that people will care, or that they will have sympathy or empathy, you are going to get in trouble. Just as this cartoon shows, an entire crowd of people will stand their and watch a monster burning and crying out from the pain. They don’t care.

The criminals then tell the townspeople that because Goku cut down the monster, that proves that the monster and Goku are working together. This again shows how stupid people are. No one thinks that Goku did what he did to spare the monster pain. No one thinks that Goku is a good guy who is doing what is right by stopping the suffering of the monster. All of those people think that Goku, the sweet young boy, must be working with the monster.

Again, if you expect people to show that they have brains, you will get in trouble. People will do the stupidest thing possible, and that stupid thing they do will almost always cause you grief.

As I said at the beginning, this is a strong lesson for a child’s cartoon. People are stupid. People are so callous they would stand and watch a living creature burning alive. People are easy to fool. People will tell lies right to the face of anyone.

I suppose it is good for a child to learn those lessons at a young age instead of wasting the time until they are old to learn the lessons.

The audio is out of sync with the video. The video is still watchable enough to understand what is going on.

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Tail Weakness – Dragonball Episode 075

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Jan 142014

Goku has a tail. He also has a weakness. If someone grabs his tail, he loses his power.


The tail and it’s weakness have been discussed in the series before this particular episode. This episode made me realize I had forgotten to include this example in the blog.

People really do have tails. Not physical tails like a monkey has. The tail of a human being is made of invisible energy. For people who do not like the word “energy”, the tail of a human being can also be described as the projection of forces that are natural to a human being who has become strong and powerful.

Goku’s tail, and it’s weakness, are just like everything else in this blog. Based on real life. In real life, if you grab or interfere with a person’s energy tail, they will lose power. The Kung Fu term for this is “they lose their ground”.

The obviously means that because Goku has a tail and no one else does, that Goku is very strong because he has a very strong ground. This is a real life lesson. The stronger a human beings ground becomes, the more powerful their body becomes. A stronger ground means a human being can punch or kick with stronger force.

The physical tail of the Goku in the cartoon is just like the energy blasts blowing things up. A visual tool to teach children about something that is invisible to the naked eye. The man grabbing Goku’s tail in this video is a visual example of the invisible process of “grabbing” or weakening someone’s energy tail so that they lose their ability to ground themselves.


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Heart Explode, Innocence, Internal Vs External And Victory – Dragonball Episode 074

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Jan 142014

In this first video, Master Roshi is explaining the incident that happened when the bat creature first made his appearance to the world. The bat creature went to challenge a great fighter. Because the bat creature knew it could not physically beat the man, it used the Negative Thought beam on the man. Even though the man was a great fighter, he still possessed Negative Thoughts that provided fuel for the Negative Thought beam.

The fighter dying is shown in the video. What is interesting and pertinent about this is that the man’s heart explodes as a result of the Negative Thought beam.

That is a real life thing. Not the Negative Thought beam. The idea that someone can kill you by manipulating your Negative Thoughts. And the idea that you will die of a heart attack if the attacker is successful.

That is completely true in real life. This is why you always see the old masters in Kung Fu movies talking about being peaceful. It is not because they are god like or anything. It is self interest. If they have negative thoughts, they are susceptible to attacks like this one

You need to watch how the man dies when his heart explodes. Watch carefully. It will all seem normal because you are not thinking about it. Watch how the man dies and ask yourself “What exactly am I seeing”. The way the heart explodes shows the body is one connected piece. This may seem trivial. Once you think about it, the possibilities will overwhelm you.

The Negative Thought beam does not affect Goku. He stand there and looks around but nothing happens. Everyone is stunned. Then the bat creature describes why the beam does not work. It does not work on an “innocent” person. Or one free of Negative Thoughts. Again, this is the reason that old master fighters always talk about peace, calmness and understanding. Not for altruistic reasons, but to make them invulnerable to an attack via Negative Thought.

Do you know about Internal and External power? I am going to be mysterious about this one. This video shows a contest between Internal and External power. It is up to you to decide which is which, and what it is that tells you which is which. It is obvious if you know what Internal and External power are.

If you do not know what Internal and External power are, or you are playing a game where you act like you know why, this video is going to frustrate you.

I think I will make this next one a mystery also. This video is right after Goku is victorius against the bat creature. Goku turns around to his friends and makes the V for Victory sign. Or the peace sign if you know what a peace sign is.

A peace sign is created by curling the pinky and ring finger back into the palm. The thumb is curled back over the pinky and ring finger. The index and middle finger stick up to form a V.


Please watch this video carefully. It is only about 20 seconds long. If you are observant and thoughtful, you will learn that the peace sign is not made the way you think it is. By putting up the index and middle finger in a V sign. Those two fingers do make the V. Exactly how the body does that is what you are supposed to figure out.

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Full Body Clench And Negative Thoughts – Dragonball Episode 073

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Jan 142014

The video in this post is used to demonstrate the concept of the human body behaving as one large connected piece, as opposed to behaving as a group of separate pieces acting together.

In the video, Goku’s opponent is a large bat man type creature.


He is human with wings and horns on his head. Goku knocks him off of a platform so that the creature is going to fall into a pit of acid.


The creature wakes up before he hits bottom, and flies back up to the platform.

The way the devil’s body moves as he flies back up to the ledge is how a human body that behaves as one piece would move. The movement of his arms and legs back in towards his body is what is being referred to.


Depending on your perception, you might see the independent and separated arms and legs pulling back towards his torso, or you might see a one big connected piece human body that is retracting it’s arms and legs back into itself from a point approximately in the center of the back.

If you see the arms and legs as separate independent objects moving back towards the torso, try re-watching the video on a regular basis until you train yourself to see the body moving as one big piece.

The bat creature described above has a special power. It can change the negative thoughts that a person has into energy with which to blast the opponent.

When you watch the following video clip, listen closely to everything the devil says up until he says “then I convert it into an energy blast”. Everything the devil says up to that point is true in real life.

At the end of the video, Master Roshi shouts “Goku! Get out of there! He is going to use your thoughts to destroy you!”.


This is true in real life. It is a legitimate tactic to use your opponents thoughts against him in Kung Fu. Actually, this is a high level technique way above learning to punch and kick people.

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Titty Blast! – Dragonball Episode 071

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Jan 142014

Provocative title for a blog on DBZ, isn’t it? If you know DBZ, you should immediately think of Master Roshi when you see a title like that.

Yamcha is fighting an invisible man.


Crillen has an idea to help him and sends Goku to fetch Bulma and Master Roshi. The video begins just after Goku has returned to the fighting arena with Bulma and Master Roshi.

Crillen asks them to stand in specific spots. Bulma is facing away from the fight.


Master Roshi is in front of Bulma looking towards the fighters.


Crillen also has Master Roshi tilt his head up to look at the sky.


As the fight progresses it moves towards the spectators. When the fighters get right in front of everyone, Crillen pulls Bulma’s top down to reveal her boobs.


When Master Roshi sees Bulma’s boobs blood erupts out of his nose in that famous way it always does when he gets excited about women.


and splashes all over the invisible man.


The invisible man is now visible because he is covered in blood, so Yamcha can easily defeat him.

The video is very large because the entire fight is included.

This scene is based on reality. Master Roshi has reached the highest levels of martial arts attainment which have changed his body in a way that a human body that has not undergone Kung Fu training is not changed. One of the properties of his Kung Fu changed body is that the presence of females or sexual thoughts will cause him to lose control of his Kung Fu power.

( For those curious about what “Kung Fu power” means, it is a term that describes the level of what the Science Of Physics calls “forces” present in a human body. )

When Master Roshi loses control of his power it all rushes upwards into his head. The blood gushing from his nose is partially a metaphor for the energy rushing from his body up into his head and being lost, and it is partially a depiction of reality. A high level martial artist with strong Kung Fu power who loses control of it due to female, sexual, drug use, alcohol use, or anything else causing loss of concentration and bodily control, can actually cause nose bleeding in real life. Not a fountain like eruption of blood as seen in the video clip, but minor blood dripping or even blood flowing in some cases.

Please note how Master Roshi’s body moves when this happens. The movements are not randomly drawn cartoon movements. They are movements based on the cartoonists understanding of real world martial arts and the effects it has on people.

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Use Your Ears – Dragonball Episode 070

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Jan 142014

This post is about Episode 70. There is gap from 56 I think it is to this post. That is not a mistake. Episode 56-70 are about Goku fighting the Red Ribbon Army. Almost the entire story arc is about guns and tanks and planes and armies. The Kung Fu teaching is minimal.

In this video, Yamcha is fighting an invisible man. The invisible man beats Yamcha for awhile. Then Yamcha realizes that the invisible man must still be making noise. Yamcha then closes his eyes and concentrates on listening for the invisible man.


This is a common idea from martial arts. At high levels of martial arts in real life, the practitioner is supposed to be able to fight other people blindfolded.

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Paralyzed – Dragonball Episode 053

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Jan 142014

This video clip is one of the dramatic over the top ones with lots of special effects. Goku has confronted General Blue at the pirate’s underground lair.


Goku hurt General Blue who is now angry. General Blue is going to use his special power which is to paralyze people with his eyes.


The special effects should be mostly ignored because they are for dramatic effect. It could be an accurate depiction of reality in some cases because it is possible an individual might “pump themselves up” as General Blue does to increase their energy emitting ability.

The ability to paralyze someone is a real ability though it does not necessarily have anything to do with the eyes. A martial artist can develop the ability through training. The ability usually manifests as a paralysis of the overall body of the victim.

This ability has a historical and cultural precedent. Various old movies will show scenes of strong men forcing other men in their presence to kneel down without physically touching the other men. This happens through what is referred to as “force of will” or it is left unexplained. What is taking place in the scenes from those movies is similar to what is being described here.

A human being with strong energy unconsciously emits that strong energy, and can consciously increase the amount of energy they emit. A weak human being is physically unable to withstand strong energy pressure. So if someone purposefully emits strong energy, any weak people within the radius of influence is forced to either kneel down or uncontrollably fall down to the ground.

When visualizing martial artists or leaders of men, it would be easy to view this phenomenon as something that takes place either by force or through the disregard of the men with strong energy who force that energy on others. That is not necessarily the case. The same phenomenon is associated with holy men. It would not be common to visualize a holy man as forcing anyone, and yet people will still kneel involuntarily in front of a holy man with strong energy.

The video shows General Blue getting excited and pumping himself up,


Bulma trying to warn Goku,


and then General Blue paralyzing Goku.



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Can You Find The Internal Power Example – Dragonball Episode 050

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Jan 142014

This image shows one of the differences in the way internal and external power express themselves in the human body. Do you know what it is?


If you do not see anything related to Internal and External power, just catalog what you see in the picture and think about it.

Since the question is about Internal and External body characteristics, what is being looked for can only involve the three human bodies in the picture. And there cannot be too many characteristics that are different between them. And of course the obvious answer, “The woman signifies Internal power simply be being a woman and the men signify External power simply by being men” is not the correct answer.

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