The Feet Of Dragonball Z Fighters

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Jan 142014

In the cartoon, the characters start out at a certain level in the practice of the martial arts. As they progress they show various changes such as bigger muscles etc. The Dragonball series is chronologically before the Dragonball Z series. The Dragonball Z people are therefore more powerful and advanced in their practice of martial arts.

The feet on the more advanced fighters in the Dragonball Z series have a distinctive shape. They look like this.


This is no accident. It is also not an artistic choice. The reason the feet are drawn like this is because a person who practices internal martial arts for a long enough time will develop feet that resemble those shown in the picture.

Most people greet this claim with skepticism. People are lied to so much these days it is hard to get them to listen to anything. The skepticism can easily be dismissed if a person were only to look at the world around them and think and observe.

Are you familiar with woman’s shoes? Here is a picture of a pair of woman’s shoes.


See how the shoes come to a point? Almost like the point on the cartoon character’s shoes. Did you ever wonder why women’s shoes have pointed toes? Those type of shoes are very common. That is not some one of a kind odd pair of shoes. Why do women’s shoes have pointed toes?

Women’s shoes have pointed toes because woman are defined in martial arts and asian philosophy terms as being naturally “internal stylists”. That is the definition of woman. Internal power is frequently called woman’s power in kung fu literature.

I said the cartoon character’s feet get that way if he practices for along time in internal martial arts. Men are defined as being naturally external martial arts. For them to develop internally takes a lot of time and work. That is why those type of feet are associated with advanced martial artists and not beginning martial artists.

The reason the woman’s shoes are pointed in such an exxagerated way is for cultural reasons of beauty. A woman who was at the highest pinnacle of womanhood would show very strong and obvious qualites of internal strength. One of these qualities would be the pointed feet. A woman wearing these types of pointed shoes, even if she was not developed well internally, would appear that she was developed. People would see her in the pointed shoes and assume that her feet must also be pointed and fit in the shoes.

Let’s try another area of human culture to look for more evidence that the cartoon character feet in DragonBall Z are a sign of high internal kung fu development.

There is a certain kind of shoe that is sold in China for kung fu and other activities. Here is a picture of this type of shoe.


If you look at these shoes, they do not have a point. So what are they doing here? They prove I am wrong don’t they? No, they do not prove I am wrong.

Remember we said that both the cartoon and the woman’s shoes are exxagerated, not real life. The cartoon is exxagerated to make a point to children while the woman’s shoes are pointed to emphasize cultural ideas of beauty.

In reality a person with strong internal strenght does not have a point on their foot. The foot looks sort of like it is pointed. Look at the shoes. See how instead of a rectangle with a big bulge for the big toe, the shoes appear to point inward from both the big and little toes.

If you took a pencil and extended the lines of the shoe, they look like this.


Oh look! If the sides of the shoe are extended forward, they make a point, just like the woman’s show and the cartoon character shoe!

Do we have any other places we can look for corroborating evidence? Sure. Everyone on the planet is human. All of their bodies are built the same so they all possess the same qualities.

In Europe there is a country called Holland. I think Holland is the same as Dutch. The people in Holland have this tradition of making shoes out of wood. Sounds uncomfortable doesn’t it?

I think we can all agree that making shoes out of wood would be hard work. The carving and fitting and so forth. I would think that they would make comfortable shoes that could be used a long time so they did not have to make new shoes.

Here is a picture of the Dutch shoes in question.


Fancy that! The shoes have points right in the middle of the foot. That makes women’s shoes, cartoon character shoes and kung fu shoes that all have a real point or an almost point in the case of the kung fu shoes.

A person might say, those shoes are just for show or they are built that way because it is easier than building a rectangular shoe. People can come up with a million reasons why the toes are the way they are. But. If you compare these shoes with shoes from an entirely different culture, and they all share the same phenomenon of pointed toes, don’t you think there is a connection there? Can it really be just coincidence that American, Chinese and Dutch shoes all have a point in the middle of the foot instead of at the big toe?

You still skeptical? Ok. Let’s look at another piece of evidence. Here is another shoe picure. Hmmmmmm. Can’t find the picture I want. We will have to make do.


These are not the shoes I had in mind. The picture angle is bad. These are shoes for an Arabic belly dancer. Again we see that the tips of the shoes come to a point in the middle of the foot. These shoes also show the tip of the shoe curled up and back. Ignore that for now. It is another idea that will only confuse you. Focus only on the fact that the shoes are pointed at the tips.

Here is another picture of Arabic shoes. These are for men.


Here again we see a pointed toe. This shoe also has the same curve up and back as the woman’s shoe. Ignore that, it will confuse you. Focus on the fact the shoe is pointed at the tip.

In the beginning of this column, I claimed that the shoes worn by the characters in the cartoon DragonBall Z are drawn that way to indicate a martial artist who has attained high skill in the internal martial arts.

I then showed how various human cultures, American, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic, all make real shoes for real people that have a point in the center of the front of the shoe, just like the shoes of the DragonBall Z characters.

This is not proof. No famous person signed this as approved. No book or encyclopedia guarantees that what is said here is fact. This is where you, as a human being with your own brain and your innate ability to think things thru is supposed to learn things on it’s own.

You can allow your life to be bogged down by only believing in things that “experts” tell you.


You can be your own man/woman. You can think for yourself. You can learn for yourself. You can depend on your brain and trust your own thought processes to learn things that other people do not know.

These things that you can learn will lead you to a life of power and attainment if that is what you desire. Or you can live your life simply; satisfied that you understand some of the basic nature of what it means to be human.

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Goku And Wing Chun

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Jan 142014

This blog was started because of the widespread resistance encountered to what seemed to be the following obvious premise. 

“The cartoons Dragonball and Dragonball Z which were created in the Asian country of Japan included scenes and storylines that were influenced by real life martial arts and martial art principles.”

People seem to think this is the craziest idea they ever heard of. I don’t know why. If you grow up in a culture based on martial arts principles, a culture that has many different martial arts style, why wouldn’t those ideas become a part of your life? So much so that they would make their way into anything that you created?

In the following picture Goku is standing in a stance,


that looks just like a stance from the basic Wing Chun Sil Lum Tau form.


The man in the right side of the picture is named Yip Man. He is one of the more famous Wing Chun teachers.

This picture on it’s own demonstrates that my claim is indeed true. The cartoonists did not invent this stance out of thin air. They saw it somewhere. The TV, a martial arts demonstration or book. They practiced it in a class they themselves took.

Growing up in an asian culture surrounded by martial arts principles has influnced the way the cartoonists present the cartoons Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

EDIT: On copying this short blog entry something interesting was noticed that should have been in the original post.

There are no coincidences. Everything occurs for some reason. Everything.

Please take a moment to reexamine the picture of Goku again.


What else is in the picture with Goku? There is the ground, some bushes, a tree, and a building. The drawing was created so that Goku is almost exactly in the center of the building.


The building has an interesting design to it’s roof. The center of the roof rises to a sharp point.


Both sides of the roof travel some distance away from the building before they also end in sharp points.


The premise of this blog is that the creators of the cartoon filled every aspect of the cartoon with their knowledge of Kung Fu. According to Happeh Theory, even simple images like this were affected by the kung fu knowledge of the creators of the cartoon.

Figuring out what kung fu idea or principle or related idea or principle can be difficult or easy. In this particular image it is relatively easy. Just focus on what the cartoon’s creators want you to focus on.

Goku was placed approximately in the center of a building with a pointed peak and sides.


and Goku was drawn holding a specific type of Kung Fu stance.


What if the creators of the cartoon were trying to tell the viewer of this image that when a human being assumes the Kung Fu posture Goku is holding in the image, their body changes so they look like they have a point coming out of the top of their head, and two horn like curves protruding from the sides of their head?


That may seem outrageous or silly to some readers. But is it really a silly or outrageous thing to imply? Human history is filled with images of human beings with horns. One of those images is of demons with horns sticking out of their head.


What if the legends of demons were really stories about real life human beings who looked like their heads had horns sticking out of them? There must be some valid reason why demons are always portrayed as having horns.

If there are real human beings who look like they have horns sticking out of their heads, then those people of course would be the model for the artists creating images of demons.

The reader is probably thinking to themselves, “There are no horns sticking out of the head of the cartoon character Goku. Those are just extensions from the roof of the house. There are no real human beings with horns sticking out of their heads. So what is it exactly that you are talking about?”.

The energy body of a human being is what I am talking about. According to Happeh Theory, a human being who looks like they have a horn sticking out of their head does not have a real physical horn sticking out of their head you can touch with your fingers. The horn is the horn of the invisible energy body that is part of all physical human bodies.

What is being implied here is that the image of Goku that can be made to look as if he has horns by connecting his head to the roof of the house,


is an attempt by the creators of the cartoon to teach viewers that when a human body assumes the kung fu posture being demonstrated by Goku, their energy body will change and deform so it looks like they have horns coming out of their head in the places indicated by the points on the roof of the building.

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Yin And Yang – Dragonball Episode 098

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Jan 142014

I really like this example. It is a perfect example of how Yin and Yang work in a fight.

In this episode, Goku is fighting Tien Shinhan. At the beginning of the video clip included with this blog entry, Goku and Tien face off.


Goku and Tien then begin fighting. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring for the first two thirds of the video.


Then the interesting part begins. Goku takes control of the fight and pushes Tien all the way to the other side of the ring. Tien is right up against the boundaries of the ring, with Goku beating on him trying to knock him out of the ring.


Goku punches and kicks and kicks and punches, but Tien does not go out of the ring. Goku attacks Tien on the edge of the ring for a long time, then Tien counterattacks.


After counterattacking, Tien then begins chasing Goku. Tien chases Goku, who continually flips away, all over the ring.


This entire sequence is an example of Yin and Yang in fighting.

Goku attacks Tien and pushes him back to the edge of the platform. Goku is Yang. Goku is hard and he is on the offensive. Tien is Yin, because he is softer than Goku, and Tien is retreating.

At the edge of the platform, when Goku is trying to knock Tien off of the platform, Tien is using the Yin part of his body, to absorb the hard Yang attacks of Goku. The reason they fight so long at the edge of the platform, is to demonstrate how strong the Yin part of Tien Shinhan’s body is. The Yin part of his body is so strong, he can take a full on attack for what seems like minutes without moving.

What happens when Tien counterattacks is that the energy changes. Goku has used up so much Yang energy that he must rest. Tien has absorbed so much Yang energy from Goku, he is now able to counterattack. Tien is like a spring that Goku pushes on, then the spring bounces back, or Tien bounces back and counterattacks.

The reason it is significant that Tien chases Goku all over the ring with Goku flipping away and not fighting, is to demonstrate that Goku’s Yang power is depleted, and he is using his Yin power to run away. After he run’s away long enough, his Yang power will regenerate so he can defend himself or counterattack.

Tien is able to chase Goku all over the ring, basically because he is using Goku’s energy. Tien sucked the energy out of Goku when Goku attacked him at the edge of the platform. Tien then used the energy he sucked out of Goku, to chase Goku all over the ring.

This really is a good example if you sit and think about it, and think about how you would teach Yin and Yang to children. It is an excellent example for people learning about Yin and Yang.

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Telepathy And One Eye – Dragonball Episode 097

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Jan 142014

This is one of the episodes in the arc about the martial arts tournament. This episode shows people arriving at the days tournament and talking about it. There is a group of three men in particular whose conversations is highlighted.


Two of the men look relatively normal. One of the men looks completely abnormal, because he only has one eye.


Why would the cartoon makers include a man with one eye in the cartoon? This is a cartoon of course, and there are many other fanciful creatures like wolf men or dog people. It would be reasonable to believe that the one eyed man is just a fanciful creation of the people who drew the cartoon.

The man with one eye is in with a group of normal men though. As if he is a normal man, not a dog or a wolf man, who just happens to have one eye. Most of the entries in this blog are based on the idea that the people who drew the cartoon incorporated their knowledge of how human beings look and act into the cartoon. That would imply that there is a reason behind including a man with one eye in a highlighted part of the cartoon.

According to Happeh Theory, there are various physical activities that will cause a human being to go blind in one eye. There are usually other health problems that also occur. According to Happeh Theory, the one eyed man in this cartoon, is supposed to be an example of a real life human being, whose body has been changed so it only has one eye, by one of the causes listed by Happeh Theory.

In the following video clip, there is a short conversation between the three men. Please note how the one eyed man speaks.

The one eyed man speaks with a bumpkin or “not too smart” kind of accent and speech pattern. According to Happeh Theory, that is not a coincidence. A person whose body is changed by one of the causes listed by Happeh Theory, and turns into a one eyed person, will usually experience some kind of changes to their mental capacity. Many times the change in mental capacity will be to make the person simple, like the one eyed man in the video clip.


Another part of the video dealt with the subject of telepathy. According to Happeh Theory, telepathy is something that any person can gain, if they practice martial arts or kung fu regularly for the required amount of time. The required amount of time will be different for everyone, but at some point, if the person is learning real kung fu and not exercise kung fu, they will gain some kind of telepathic ability.

This video clip is being highlighted, because according to Happeh Theory, the men who created the DragonBallZ cartoon, were also trying to teach young children, that if they took kung fu and practiced like they were supposed to, they would become telepathic when they were older.

If someone was trying to describe telepathy to another person, how would they do it? Telepathy is invisible. Telepathy is like radio or television in that the method of transmission is invisible to the human eye. There is nothing visible to show anybody as proof that telepathy exists.

What the creators of the cartoon did, was to remove all of the other people from the cartoon except the two people are are telepathically communicating. Then each time one of them speaks, a line will go from them to the other person. According to Happeh Theory, this is a simplistic way to get the idea of telepathy across to small children. By using something visible, the lines connecting the two communicating people, as they speak to each other.

The video clip itself is something that pertains to the cartoon. There is no real information in the clip, other than the demonstration of adult men, trying to get across the idea that telepathy is real to small children, in a way they can understand.


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Gut Trouble – Dragonball Episode 091

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Jan 142014

This episode contains something so important for the kung fu man to know, it is hard to put into words. It is also something that will be hard for most people to believe.

In this episode, Crillen is fighting Chao Tzu. Crillen starts to charge Chao Tzu when he suddenly falls to the ground and clutches at his stomach.


The cartoon then shows Chao Tzu floating in the air, pointing his hands at Crillen.


The pictures imply that Crillen’s stomach trouble is because of something Chao Tzu is doing. Master Roshi immediately knows what is going on, and says “How many special techniques does Chao Tzu have?”

It is really possible in real life, for a person to stop another person by making them internally sick. Just like this example, there does not need to be any physical contact between the two people.

This is obviously some kind of mental power. It is a real life fact that long term practice of kung fu will cause a person to develop mental powers. This episode is introducing that fact to young children in the cartoon format.

This mental power, like anything else in the universe, obeys certain rules. The first thing to remember, is that a person who uses mental techniques, will frequently use their hands just as Chao Tzu is doing. You can use this real life phenomenon, to help you to learn when someone is doing this. If you find yourself feeling sick for no reason at all, and someone is standing near you gesturing their hands in your direction, you might want to pay close attention to what that person is doing, and how you feel.

It is not necessary for a person who uses mental techniques to gesture with their hands. At high levels, a person can perform this technique with no movement of the hands at all. Gesturing with the hands is usually done by people who have a weak technique, people who are careless, or people who are under stress which makes it difficult for them to concentrate.

Crillen then realizes what is written above. Crillen realizes that Chao Tzu is using his hands to concentrate his power.


The second characteristic of mental techniques is that they require concentration. Since the mind is being used, the mind must be focused. The reason people raise their hands when using mind techiniques, is to help focus the mind on the target, and to physically focus their mind within their body.

This is really an amazing part of the video. Whoever created this video, basically put down real life high level kung fu techniques, that are impossible to believe for most people, in this cartoon in a matter of fact school teacher lesson kind of way. It is really an excellent job.

Crillen realizes that Chao Tzu is using his mind to make Crillen sick, so Crillen says something to break the mental concentration of Chao Tzu. Chao Tzu is bad at math, so Crillen says “what is 3 + 4?”. Because all of Chao Tzu’s mind is concentrating on making Crillen sick, he cannot think of a math problem at the same time.

Chao Tzu starts to think about the answer to the math problem, and suddenly Crillen is no longer sick. The minute Crillen could break Chao Tzu’s mental concentration, Chao Tzu could not make him sick.

This is a real world lesson that everyone should know. If a person is using mental power to make you sick, all you have to do is distract them in some way. You can talk to them, you can be emotional with them, you can point and say “look over there”, or, if they are very strong, you will have to hit them to break their concentration.

The minute you break their concentration, you should feel OK again.

Crillen then punches Chao Tzu.


But Chao Tzu recovers and makes Crillen sick again. So Crillen starts asking more math questions, breaking Chao Tzu’s power, until Crillen knocks Chao Tzu out of the ring.


The video then ends with something that makes me beam. One of the jobs I have assigned myself, is to teach kung fu people that physics, geometry, and mathmatics can all help a kung fu person learn more about kung fu. It is a very hard job, because no one believes that physics, geometry, or mathematics can help a kung fu man in a real world fight.

At the end of the video, the Crane Hermit, who is Chao Tzu’s teacher, says “Who would ever have guessed that a fighter needed mathematics?”.

The point is that whoever made this episode, whoever it was that knows all about real life mental kung fu techniques, also thinks that mathematics could be useful to a fighter.

If they are smart enough or knowledgeable enough to know about mental kung fu techniques, their advice about mathematics is something to consider.

The video clip is long, because there is some background material in it. The entire video clip is being posted so the viewer does not feel like they are missing any information. For the person that is bored by the unnecessary information, feel free to fast forward past it.

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Exhalation – Dragonball Episode 086

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Jan 142014

This blog is about pointing out things in the Dragonball Z series that have a basis in real life. Many people think that because Dragonball Z is a cartoon, everything in it is imaginary. That is not true. Many of the things found in Dragonball Z, have a real world foundation, and teach a useful lesson that could benefit anyone who is interested in kung fu.

Kung fu, like any physical activity by a human being, must obey the laws of physics. Teaching people that physics or any other science knowledge can be useful to kung fu practice is not easy. The ideas are so abstract, it is hard for people to relate them to actual physical things like kicking and punching.

Episode 86 presents a situation which demonstrates the laws of physics in action, and provides an interesting idea to ponder for the thinking person.

In Episode 86, Goku is fighting an opponent during the kung fu tournament. Goku jumps straight up into the air where he temporarily hovers over his opponent.


Hovering in the air is of course part of the imaginary cartoon world. Then Goku begins to fall back towards the ground.


As Goku falls towards the ground, the audience is worried that something bad will happen. Goku’s opponent is standing right underneath him, waiting for him to get within reach so he can attack him. Because Goku is falling towards the ground uncontrollably, everyone thinks he will not be able to protect himself.


When Goku gets close to the man, Goku suddenly opens his mouth and exhales powerfully.


His exhale is so powerful that it slows his downward motion until he is stopped in front of his opponent.


This situation might seem like an imaginary cartoon situation, and it is. But this situation can also be described as an exaggeration of real world principles. An exagerration made using something entertaining to a child, a cartoon, in order to teach them things about real life.

What Goku does is possible in a sense. A falling body could be stopped by a powerful enough blast of air. If the blast of air was powerful enough, it could hold the body floating in the air, just like Goku floats in front of his opponent.

This cartoon situation is not real, because the human body cannot produce enough continued air release to stop itself from falling from that height.

What is real though is the idea of being able to exert extreme pressure with the breath. What would it mean if the human body could really exhale a very powerful stream of air that could stop it’s movement? It would mean that the inside of the body would have to be very strong wouldn’t it? The inside of the body has to be strong enough to hold and push out the air that is going to stop it’s motion.

This idea is useful to the learning kung fu person, because kung fu is about making the inside of the human body strong. The higher level kung fu styles focus on making the inside of the human body strong.

This strength translates into real world effects like a very strong breath. The breath of a person who is strong internally, would be able to exert much more pressure on some object, than the body of someone who was internally weak.

When talking to children or adults learning kung fu, if you talk to them about physics, pressure, the internal organs of the body like the lungs, etc……their eyes will glaze over and they will not understand.

By putting that knowledge into a cartoon demonstration, then exaggerating it slightly to make it entertaining to the simple minded, the teacher can get across all of those ideas to the new student. Even if the student does not know anything about physics or anatomy, they are exposed to the idea that a person who practices kung fu will get strong on the inside of the body. So strong that their breathing also gets very strong.

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