Strong Yin Analysis 005

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Dec 162013

The Indian man being carried by the other man in this picture has very strong Yin development


It is taking five men to hold onto the squirming Indian man because his Yin is so powerful.


And even though his arms are twisted all the way behind his back,


the flexibility strong Yin development gives his body allows him to keep his eyes focused directly on the camera.


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Strong Yin Analysis 004

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Dec 162013

This woman has strong Yin development of the body.


The clues pointing to that conclusion include the V-shape of the torso,


the angle between the torso and the upper arms, 


and the fat-ish look of the upper arms and shoulders.


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Strong Yin Analysis 003

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Dec 152013

This picture is of a group of Indian military men who all have stronger Yin development.


The reader should examine the various men in the picture to see if they can get a feel for who has weaker and who has stronger Yin.

The man in the middle of the front row is probably the most prominent individual with strong yin development.


Anyone who wants to know what observations about the man in the middle of the picture identify him as having strong yin will want to examine every aspect of his entire body. It is the appearance of every part of his entire body that indicates strong yin development of the body.

Another way to make a judgement about the likely physical condition and Yin development of the men in the picture is to re-examine them while focusing on the relationship their body has to the rifle they are holding. If a particular example man appears to be holding the rifle it what could be construed as a sexual manner, specifically meaning his body appears to be holding the rifle as if it were holding his penis for masturbation, that individual will likely be of a lesser quality of mental and physical conditioning as well as having a distorted development of the yin part of the body.

There are multiple men in the example picture who appear to be holding their rifles in a sexually suggestive manner for the curious reader to discover. The body of each of those men is distorted in a way that is indicative of distorted physical and mental abilities and distorted yin development of the body, which is a long winded way of saying that the individuals likely to be holding the rifle like a penis are the individuals who exhibit the most severe bodily distortion.

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Strong Yin Analysis 002

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Dec 152013

The ability to strongly focus the eyes is a characteristic of strong Yin development.


An added bonus from this picture is that it provides the opportunity to compare strong and weak Yin development, because the man has a weakly developed Yin part of the body. 

The observations that lead to that conclusion include his entire body leaning to the left,


his head is slightly rotated to the right causing it to be misaligned with the center of the body, 


and the fact that the base of his tongue protrudes out of his mouth at an angle that approximately matches the angle of his head,


while the tip of the tongue points off at a completely different angle to his right.


In contrast the woman with strong Yin development has a body that is straight up and down,


and her head is aligned with the center of her body.


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Strong Yin Analysis 001

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Dec 152013

The picture for this blog entry allows the comparison of strong Yin development to less strong Yin development.


The ability to open the mouth very wide and to extend the arm straight out are both signs of strong Yin development. The man who is second from the left in the picture has a very wide open mouth,


and his arm is extended straight out.


Compare the man’s mostly extended straight out left arm with the other men’s arms that are bent at the elbow.


then compare the amount his mouth is open to the amount the mouth’s of the other men are open.


If you believe you see other men with very wide open mouths, before you decide they have the same amount of mouth opening as the man who is second from the left, compare the look of their head to the look of the head of the man second from the left.

There are major differences to see if you are diligent in your examination.

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What You Should Know Whether You Read Anything Else Here Or Not

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Dec 152013

(1) What Asians call “Chi” is what The Science Of Physics calls “Forces“.

(2) Chi” or “Forces” can be manipulated:
(a) – To induce emotions in another human being
(b) – To manipulate the grounding ability of another human being
(c) – To induce a long term or short term health problem in another human being

(d) – to kill in another human being

(e) – to treat a a physical, mental, or emotional illness another human being is suffering from 

(3) – Telepathy is an actual human ability that can be developed and strengthened through the practice of Kung Fu.
(4) – Possession, the ability of one human being to control the thinking and actions of another human being without verbally talking to them or touching them, is an actual human ability that can be developed and strengthened through the practice of proper Kung Fu. 
(4B) – The Ability To Resist Being Possessed by another human being can be developed and strengthened through the practice of proper Kung Fu.
The ramifications of those statements is that there is no point in learning how to punch and kick someone into submission, if all they have to do is possess your body and make it turn around and walk away, or telepathically convince you that you don’t really want to fight.
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