$3000 Reward For Information About 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Stolen On 2-28-2010 – California License #6FSM537

$3000 Reward for information leading to return of stolen 1967 Camaro/arrest of suspect

VIN: 124377L100955

California License #6FSM537


Car stolen on February 28th, 2010

Police Case Number – 100193202

Responding Officer – Some donut eater named Higgins. So fat it was too much work for him to get out of the car and fill out the forms, so he sat in the car and interviewed me through the window. I felt like I was at a fast food drive through placing an order.  He was also too fat to get out of the car and perform that most basic job of police work,  which is interviewing the neighbors to discover if they saw anything.

The only effort the responding police office expended to find out anything about the stolen car, was to give me what looked like a fast food receipt with his name, badge number, and my “order”, the license plate number of the car and the case number of the stolen car report, on it. 


Followup Officer – Lieutenant Martinez at Taraval Station. When I asked how the investigation into the stolen car was progressing, Lt Martinez, who sounded like he was 21 or 22, responded “Nothing. We don’t look for stolen cars. We are too busy to look for stolen cars”.






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