Japanese Gait Study Supports The Claims Of Happeh Theory

One of the main claims of Happeh Theory is that specific movement patterns of the body are related to specific health conditions of both the body and mind. For instance. If a person masturbates in one specific way, say using their right hand, their thought processes and health condition will be different from the thought processes and health condition of someone who masturbates with their left hand.

The Japanese study in this post has determined that Japanese children walk differently than other children from around the world. It will be obvious to any person who spends a short amount of time looking into the situation that Japanese people in general, both children and adults, exhibit different ways of thinking, different states of health, and a different physical appearance from other peoples of the world.

This Japanese study supports the claims of Happeh Theory because it has identified one of the types of physical movement that according to Happeh Theory contributes to the undeniable physical differences between adult Japanese people and adults of other peoples around the world.

A related avenue of research for the interested individual would be to study the dance movements that are a foundation of many African peoples, and their relationship to the undeniable physical differences African people exhibit from peoples of other countries of the world.

The manner of walking in Japanese children develops differently from that of those in other countries, according to a new study that sheds more light on the ways body movement patterns are linked to health.

The research, published recently in the journal Scientific Reports, found that although the gait patterns of Japanese children aged 6-12 are similar to those from other developed countries, their development over the years differs.

In the study, age-related differences in lower limb movements during walking were assessed by scientists, including those from Nagoya University in Japan.

A person’s gait is a complex, unconscious motor pattern, essential for most daily activities, comprising of a sequence of movements involving the hip, knee and foot.

Researchers said gait can be critical for measuring a person’s quality of life and health status, and understanding the forces involved in gait can help treat people with movement disorders.

They found four important differences among age groups in the study.

There was an increase in the number of steps performed in one minute among children in the 11-12-year-old group, compared to children in the 6-8-year age group.

Researchers also found a decrease in step and stride length among children aged 11-12 years compared to those aged 9-10 years.

Japanese children of age 11-12 years had less range of motion of the knee during the gait cycle, scientists pointed out.

And as children aged, they observed a higher plantar flexion moment – the motion when pointing toes at the start of the walking movement.

“We believe that differences in lifestyle, build, and cultural factors all affect Japanese children’s gait,” said study co-author Tadashi Ito from the Department of Integrated Health Sciences at Nagoya University.

“This is not likely to affect the health of Japanese children. But it does indicate characteristics different from those of children in other countries. These results provide an important tool for assessing normal and pathological gait and can determine the effectiveness of orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation for gait disorders,” Dr Ito added.

Researchers believe the findings can be useful to assess developmental changes in the gait pattern and detect gait abnormalities in children.


  1. Happeh, my biggest regret in life, to date is that, when you needed the money ($30,000?) to replace your stolen car, and I had almost enough, that I did not give it to you and begged for your acquaintance or even just to thank you for your efforts and to rid myself of selfish egotism that eventually became my downfall.
    I read a book by Michael Guen’s lineage brother about Ba Gua.
    In it there was a warning; “If you train kung fu for the wrong reasons, you will end up loosing more than you gain”.
    Happeh, you would probably not believe this is exactly what happened to me … now I am physically injured/damaged (technically even worse than before) but spiritually blessed.
    And my only hope is that now , God willing, because I failed in the past to return a favor to you when I had the chance, I can offer something immaterial, but infinitely more valuable than the money that is now long gone … a phenomenon that I was guided to after years of kung fu and then some painful experiences that forced me to open my mind a little more …


  2. Happeh, I’m struggling with a matter which I think you can assist me with. How can I contact you personally? I don’t know any other way to make you see this other than commenting on your site

    1. I do not think it is appropriate to have personal communications. I have my opinions and ideas about the world and human life. I express those on the website. I am no guru or expert or life coach who can magically ameliorate a situation a person might find themselves in. I don’t want the responsibility that comes with with seriously personally dealing with an individual. I hate the idea of disappointing someone who might think I have “the” answer for their situation, or possibly making the situation of an individual with whom I had a personal relationship worse.

  3. Happeh, I’ve got an issue maybe you can help me with. My genitals get simulated in my sleep because of my legs rubbing against them. So my energy goes to my genitals, leaving my arms, legs and head feeling “weak” due to lack of energy when I wake up. This also affects my sleep quality. Are there sny solutions you can provide me with to eliminate this problem? Thanks

    1. Situations like that are difficult to comment on. All human beings reach a point in their lives when nature makes them extremely sexual. It is part of human nature to have sex to create more human beings. These feelings are very difficult or impossible to ignore. People will perform the most ridiculous actions and say the most ridiculous things due to sexual urges that cannot be stopped or repressed in any healthy way. If you are at that age where your sexual urges are taking over your body, you will probably have to live with being easily stimulated, even during sleep, as you describe.

  4. Happeh, I have a couple questions for you. I would really appreciate it if you took some time to answer me.

    1. How does one strengthen and develop the fibrous cable like yin structures in the body located on the sides and back of the neck, also the ones located under the arms near the lats, and the penis itself. By develop, I mean increase the size and strength of these structures to produce a desirable look and develop strength.

    2. Is the “ground” phenomena actually the energy of the body being distributed properly across the body from the head to the feet as opposed to being concentrated in the head? How would you describe what is happening on a deep level when an individual is grounded.

    3. In one of the articles posted on the website regarding the faces of gay people. It was stated that gay people typically had larger foreheads. Do you think this because they are not grounding properly, therefore the energy that should be in their body resides in the head more often then not?

    4. Can someone increase the amount of masculine energy they have to become more desirable to females?

    5. Is it possible to “feel” grounding occuring? If so, how?

    Thanks for your time

    1. 1. An easy and sucint answer is the practice of Tai Chi.

      2. Your guess is reasonable way to think of the phenomenon. I feel it is important to note that energy can be concentrated in any part of the body and not just the head. I would describe “deep level grounding” as the entire body working as a unit to keep the individual from moving.

      3. I disagree. Thinking back 10 or 15 years ago I believe I would have been referring to a combination of hair loss or premature balding along with a shrinkage and tightening of the soft tissue of the rear of the head. You could envision it like drawing a face on a balloon or something similarly flexible, then grabbing the side of the balloon opposite the face that was drawn on it and closing your hand on it. If you observe the face while you do this, the forehead will appear to become larger because of the stretching it is undergoing from the contracting forces exerting by the contracting hand.

      4. The energy does not necessarily need to be labeled “masculine”. All human beings are naturally attracted to energy. So if a person would increase the amount of energy they have they will naturally become attractive to others. Pay special care to that word “others”. Male or female, young or old, any type of person you can imagine will be attracted to another human being with energy. If you consider the ramifications of that statement you might see that it could be considered a highly negative situation. Envision what life would be like if everyone you met wanted to be your friend and hang around you because you had strong energy. It can be very disturbing and discomfiting. It is not a situation that has to be objectionable though because of course it is possible to hide strong energy so as to avoid being the center of unwanted attention.

      5. Yes it is possible to feel grounding. One way is to convince someone who has it to show it to you.

  5. Hello Happeh,

    Sorry, but my question for you may be unrelated to this post. What do you think is a healthy way for skinny people to gain weight? I understand that not everyone is meant to be a giant. when I look for ways to gain weight, I find that people recommend to eat more and lift weights, but tis seems unhealthy to me. Do you think there is a better way? If so, what do you think it is. Thanks

    1. I think you might be thinking of mass more than weight. Mass would indeed be increased by something like weightlifting. Various martial arts if performed in a particular way will increase mass. What do I mean by “particular way”? That is a difficult question to answer for me. Performing what are known as “external style” martial arts will usually result in body mass increase. Some martial arts styles known as “internal styles” can also increase body mass. The reason the question is difficult to answer, the previous two responses would seem to indicate that “martial arts” would be enough of an answer, is that some internal martial arts styles can actually reduce body mass, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Think of the stereotypical image of a stick thin wizened old white haired martial artist. They have usually lost body mass and yet they are still skilled at martial arts and can be strong and dangerous. The opposite of that and what I mean by internal styles increasing body mass are the great big “Fat” martial artists with a big belly. Obviously they have more mass but many people assume it means they are slow and not athletic. That is not true. They can move quickly and can exert dangerous amounts of power just like other martial artists.

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