Energy Linkage Example 03

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy”. The energy of the human body is invisible, in can travel across distances, and it can interact with and affect other living bodies. This series of blog entries is devoted to examples of living creatures whose bodies are being affected in some way by the energy of another living creature.

The example picture for this blog entry shows a human being riding a horse.


The right leg of the horse is crossed over,


in front of the left leg.


That is not right. A horse would not voluntarily cross one leg in front of the other because it would trip and fall down if it did. So why is the horse acting against it’s own instincts by crossing it’s right leg in front of it’s left leg?

Because the energy of the human being on it’s back is forcing it to cross it’s right leg in front of it’s left leg. 

That conclusion is based on the following observations.

The man is leaning over to his right side.


Leaning over to his right side makes the right side of his body look straight.


If that straight line is extended downwards,


it is exactly in line with the horse’s right leg.


The horse’s right leg is crossed in front of it’s left leg at the same angle the right side of the body of the human being on it’s back is leaning at,


because the energy of the human being that is being funneled down the right side of it’s body into the horse’s body,


is forcing the right leg to cross in front of the left.



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