Nov 122012

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body can be treated as an amorphous cloud that hovers about the body, it can be treated as human body shaped could that hovers around the body, and it can be visualized as an exact duplicate of the physical body, that is centered and aligned on the physical body.

The word “aura” is frequently used when discussing both the energy body as an amorphous cloud hovering around the physical body, and the energy body as a human body shaped cloud hovering around the physical body.

Words can be less than helpful in comprehending or visualizing a phenomenon. The following pictures from a Japanese Anime depict what the energy field associated with the human body might look like if it was visible to the naked eye. The energy field or “aura” is the light colored area outlining the body.

 The aura from the rear.

 A close up of the aura around the face.

 And finally a profile view of the aura around the face.


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