May 052012

According to The Pyramid View Of The Human Body, the human body behaves as if there is a pyramid within it located approximately as shown in this picture.


Corroborating evidence for that claim comes from the fact that pyramid shapes can be found all over a human body in any imaginable pose that body may be holding.

This series of blog entries is dedicated to providing examples of the pyramid shapes that can be found all over the human body.

The example picture for this blog entry shows a man balancing on his chest on two knives.


This picture demonstrates why knowing about the pyramids in the body can be useful. The examples up to this point in the series have just pointed out the pyramids in an example body with seemingly vague references as to the usefulness of the information.

A human being who can balance on their chest on two knives is a special kind of human being. What is it that is special about him that allows him to perform that feat? The pyramids in the body can help explain why. The man can balance on those knives because every single one of the pyramids that will pointed out next in his body have been made strong. It is only because all of those pyramids are strong and they are balanced against each other in a way that can be described by the Science of Physics, that he can balance on the knives.

The shoulders and arms form a pyramid with the wrists.


The arms and the hands form a pyramid shape.


The hands and the shoulders form a pyramid shape.


It is hard to ignore the pyramids between the shoulders and the center of the chest.


The shoulders also form a pyramid with the back of the neck,


and the top of the head.


There are also pyramids formed by the elbows and the wrists,


the elbows and the fingertips,


and the elbows and the top of the head.


It is not just the external part of the body or the muscles that are strengthened by strengthening the pyramids within the body. The strengthening effect of strong pyramids also affects the internal part of the body. Please notice how the man’s eyes seem very strong and focused as he balances on the two knives.


That strength in the eyes is directly attributable to the strength of all of the pyramid shapes that were highlighted on his body.

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