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The human body is designed to be Bilaterally Symmetric, which means the right and left halves of the body should look the same. The following picture shows a computer model human body with a line down the center of the body that splits the body into identical, or symmetric right and left halves.

A human body in which the right and left halves are different is Bilaterally Asymmetric. The left half of the human body model in the following picture was reduced in size by 50% to produce an obviously Asymmetric human body.

Asymmetry of any part of the body is almost always an indication of a health problem in that area of the body, or a health problem related to that area of the body.

Diagnosing a human body using Bodily Symmetry is useful because it is trivial to employ and because it’s diagnoses can be understood and accepted by most everyone. There can be little doubt  in anyone’s mind that a real human being whose left side was shrunken by 50%  like the left side of the computer model, would be experiencing some kind of health problem.

The next picture of a real life human being whose face is undeniably asymmetric emphasizes that point.

 The left side of the example individual’s face,

is undeniably different from the right side of his face.

Especially in the mouth area.

The common sense of most people asked to form some opinion about this picture,

would lead them to believe there was something wrong with the example individual because of the obvious malformation of his face.

After some area of the body has been observed to be asymmetric, determining what health problems might be present requires about 60% common sense and 40% knowledge. For instance. No education is required to guess that the example individual might have speech problems, or possible tooth and gum problems on the left side of the mouth, because of the extremely distorted and unnatural shape of his mouth.

Educated knowledge might be required to further diagnose the example individual as being susceptible to  breathing problems or swallowing problems, because the mismatch of his mouth extends into his throat.

Health Diagnosis Via Observation Of Bodily Symmetry is that easy. No expensive high tech equipment is required and no invasive and unpleasant tests are required.  All that is needed are two good eyes, common sense, and some basic Anatomy and Health knowledge.

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  1. I would like to know if Jean Chretien(old canadian prime minister) whit his crooked mouth means is sick or a liar?

  2. ould like to know if Jean Chretien(old canadian prime minister) whit his crooked mouth means is sick or a liar?

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