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Human beings originally evolved from a single cell floating in the ocean. According to Happeh Theory, just about everything worth knowing about the human body, can but inferred by study of the original single cell that human beings sprang from.

This blog entry contains sexually explicit images. Do not continue if sexually explicit images offend you.

A single cell reproduces through a process called cell division. The cell splits itself into two identical new cells. The picture below is of an uncompleted cell division process. The two new cells are still connected to each other.

In the next picture, the cell has been turned so it is vertical.

Then the vertical dividing cell is cut in half, so that only the upper half is shown.

What do you see when you look at that picture? Obviously you see half of a dividing cell. What else do you see? There is a gray color. There is the outer boundary of the dividing cell. There is some grainy looking stuff inside of the cell. Then there is a smooth looking area somewhat in the center of the cell.

Do you see anything else. Anything connected to the human body perhaps? Remember. According to Happeh Theory, insight into the modern human body can be gained by simple examination of the single cell. That picture is of a single cell, so there should be something there that provides insight into the human body.

Take a look at the next picture.

There are two single cells side by side in the picture. A male penis has been superimposed on one of the cells, so that it overlaps the smooth area inside of the cell.

If you compare the penis inside of the cell, to the smooth area in the other cell, you should notice that the shapes are similar. The smooth area inside of the dividing cell has a penis shape to it.

That is not the only insight into the human body that can be found in this picture though. Here is the next picture.

There is now only the head of a male human penis compared to the dividing cell. The overall shape of the dividing cell and the head of the penis look similar. In the picture below, the head of the penis and part of the cell have been outlined to highlight their similarity.

The dividing cell and the penis head look similar. They both have a semicircular outer shape, with a keyhole shape in the center. In the cell, the keyhole shape is the smooth area of the cell. In the penis, there is a natural divide between the two sides of the penis head.

The next picture outlines only the smooth area of the dividing cell, and the natural divide of the human male penis head.

As is clearly visible in the picture, both the dividing cell and the penis have a primitive keyhole type shape to them. There is a rectangular or triangular bottom half, that rises up to a circular area.

Are those similarities a coincidence?


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  1. Yes. It is entirely a coincidence because that is a common organic shape. What possible conscious reason could there be you mindless twat?

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