Aug 282011

According to Happeh Theory, high heels were created for the purpose of making women more feminine. What is it about high heels that makes women more feminine or “sexy”?

Here is a picture of a woman wearing high heels.


Does the picture give you any idea why high heels would make a woman more feminine?

The following picture shows the effects of high heels on the body.

The answer to why high heels make women feminine can be found in that picture. All that is needed is common sense and awareness of what characteristics are associated with “femininity”. Please examine the entire picture to see what your own efforts produce.

Did you find anything on your own? If you did, does it match what comes next?

 The upper right corner of the picture contains the relevant information.

Here is a close up of that area

The picture shows the difference in posture between a woman wearing flat shoes and a woman wearing high heels. What are those differences?

The woman in flat shoes,

has a flat butt,

and flat breasts.

The woman in high heels,

has a rounded butt,

and protruding breasts.

Are there any other differences between the two women?

The picture of the woman wearing high heels has a wavy line through it,

while the woman with flat shoes has a comparatively straight line through it.

Two of the stronger characteristics associated with femininity are big boobs and a big booty. So according to the example poster of the effects of wearing high heels on the human body,

the reason that high heels make a woman more feminine is that they force the body of the woman into a wave shape,

which makes her boobs stick out,

and make her booty stick out.

The effects of high heels are the same on any human body. If a man wears high heels, his body will be forced into a wave shape just like a woman’s body is, which will tend to give him larger buttocks and a larger, feminine type of chest.

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