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This material was created years ago. It is very primitive and may be somewhat garbled.


Little, Blue, Bug Eyed Aliens Are Based On Human Being’s, Not Aliens

A common depiction of aliens that has been used in many Hollywood movies and Television series is shown in the picture below.

The “alien” is colored blue, it is very short,

it has very thin arms and legs,

it has a big head,

and it has large eyes,

that look like the protruding eyes of a bug.

According to Happeh Theory, human beings have the ability to metamorphose into a type of human being as they age, like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly.

The changes being referenced are not the typical degenerative changes associated with old age. The changes being referenced give that metamorphosed human being different abilities than an un-metamorphosed human being.

The changes are so significant and occur at such a deep level  in the body that a human being who has undergone those changes could legitimately be described as “Alien”. A creature that is different from the creature known as “a human being”.

The metamorphosing process can occur naturally in some human beings, it can be accelerated or assisted by engaging in various activities, and it is possible for some human beings to never go through the metamorphosing process, even though it is part of the natural evolutionary cycle for a human being.

For those who are curious, reasons why a human being would not go through the natural evolutionary process of changing into something resembling a little blue bug eyed alien include Sloth, Alcohol abuse, Drug Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and any kind of Physical abuse of the body that could include activities like performing an exercise incorrectly, or performing physical actions too much. 

If human beings are supposed to metamorphose into something that looks like Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens as they age, why isn’t that fact common knowledge? Why do people believe that Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens are a depiction of creatures from another planet, instead of saying “Hey! Those aliens look just my grandma and grandpa!”?

One reason is because un-metamorphosed human beings cannot see the changes that occur in a metamorphosed human being, because their eyes and body are not developed in the necessary way. The process of metamorphosing changes the eyes and body so they can see the changes in a fellow metamorphosed human being.

Another reason is because while the eyes of an un-metamorphosed human being do physically see the changes in a metamorphosed human being, because they are unaware the changes are metamorphic changes, the un-metamorphosed human being believes they are looking at normal human human bodies.  

If Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens are really human beings who have metamorphosed naturally into a different type of human being, why do Hollywood and the Media present them as Alien creatures to be feared, instead of metamorphosed human beings that we will all turn into as we age?

Two possible reasons immediately come to mind.

1 -The artists who created the aliens for Hollywood and Television know what a metamorphosed human beings look like, they know that un-metamorphosed human beings will not recognize the metamorphosed human being as a human being, so instead of coming up with some original design for an alien, they just created a metamorphosed human being and counted on the fact the audience would be mostly un-metamorphosed human beings who would not know what they were looking at. 

2 – The creators of the Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens could have done it for educational purposes. They are showing un-metamorphosed human beings what a metamorphosed human beings looks like so that when the un-metamorphosed human beings begins to gain the ability to see metamorphosed human beings, they will not react with fear or suffer mental injury, because they have seen lots of movies with Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens in mostly benign circumstances.

3 – The people characterizing the bodily appearance of Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens as bad creatures that do bad things, might do so because they want to interfere with or prevent the natural development of the un-metamorphosed human beings into metamorphosed human beings.

By instilling fear of metamorphosed human beings in un-metamorphosed human beings, those un-metamorphosed human beings will avoid and shun metamorphosed human beings who can teach them that about metamorphosing, and they might even react with violence towards metamorphosed human beings, who are actually the elders of their society who are supposed to be treated with respect.


One of the characteristics of the aliens that seems hard to believe could be an actual change in a human body, is the blue color of the aliens. It is very hard to believe that a human being turns into a vibrant blue color when they age.

That is a good reaction to have because metamorphosed human beings do not become a vibrant blue color. The extreme blue color fo the aliens in the movies and television is done for dramatic effect. Metamorphosed human beings might exhibit a very slight blue coloring only. That claim is not so hard to believe if you have any experience with old people, because most old people really do have a dull kind of look to their bodies that is usually described as “grey”, but could arguably be described as a “very dull blue color”.

Another characteristic of the Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens that is exaggerated for dramatic purposes in movies and television is the short stature of the aliens. A metamorphosed human being does not shrink down to the size of a midget when they metamorphose. But! A metamorphosed human being will shrink smaller when they metamorphose, possibly by inches in height. 

The same exaggeration is applied to the thin arms and legs of the alien. The arms and legs of a metamorphosed human will not shrink down to the size of sticks, but they do shrink by a large amount. 

At this point there are certainly readers who disagree with what has been said. They will feel it is outrageous or just plain wrong to claim human beings can metamorphose into something resembling the small blue aliens. Those readers will want to examine the next series of pictures depicting human beings who resemble Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens.

The first picture is of a starving human baby.

Doesn’t that starving human baby look like a Little Blue Bug Eyed Alien?

The babies arms and legs have the same thin, stick like look the arms and legs of the little Blue Bug Eyed Alien does.

That picture proves a human being can little tiny stick arms and legs. The baby also has a big head in comparison to it’s body like the blue alien does.

The next picture shows an African Bushmen.

Although the size differences are not as striking as with the starving baby, the arms and legs of the Bushman are relatively thin compared to his body,

and his head is relatively big compared to his body.

The most noticeable feature of Little Blue Bug Eyed Aliens are their large, bug like eyes. 

While the eyes of a metamorphosed human being do not physically bulge out from the head like an insects eyes, they can give the impression that they are bulging out from the head like insect or Little Blue Bug Eyed Alien eyes.  That impression is formed by changes that occur to the eye and the face and head around the eyes.

The next picture shows an example of a “metamorphosed human being” whose eyes can give the impression of bulging outward like alien eyes.

The line in the next picture approximately encloses the area around the left eye that is involved in providing the impression that eye bulges outwards like an alien bug eye.

The following series of pictures provides more examples of metamorphosed human beings whose eyes can give the impression of bulging outwards.


All of these examples show a large circle around the eye that is much larger than the eye itself. Each one is large and of the same general shape and location of the big eyes of the aliens created for TV and Movies.

This phenomenon will occur more prevalently in some cultures than others. Those cultures are usually more primitive cultures, or cultures whose people have maintained the knowledge and traditions they had as a primitive culture.

A simple and primitive video was created to assist in visualizing what is happening in the body of a human being who has large alien looking eyes.

( A duplicate of the video is included below for those who prefer to read and for more leisurely study. )

Here is the demonstration human being.

We are talking about the eyes so let’s zoom in close to the face.

Here are the eyes for the model.

The eyes are normally sized for this model so they will fit right into the eye sockets as we would expect.

Now the eyes will be enlarged so that they resemble the large eyes of an alien.

As you can see, the enlarged eyes no longer fit in the eye sockets of the head. But. If we remove the top of the head,

Then we change the camera angle to look inside of the head from above,

we can see that on the inside of the head there is lots of room for a bigger eye. What are the outwardly visible signs of this big eye on the human face?

Because the lens of the big eye is not physically present, all a person can see are the outlines on the face of where the big eye is. To see how this looks on the model, we will move the normal sized eyes out of the way,

and bring in a new set of eyes that have had the front cut off of them.

Then we move the camera to a side view.

Here we can see the edges of the big eye inside of the head just breaking thru the surface of the face. Here is a different camera view of the big eye outlines around both eyes.

It is these edges or outlines that are the only evidence regular people can find to support the big eye concept.

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  1. Never thought of that or heard of it.

  2. this is a joke right

  3. Hi Happeh Theory!

    I am always amazed at the depth of your insights and most of them I have experienced to be incredibly accurate. I understand that readers who are eager to have better comprehension of your topics should reflect and think for themselves, trying to guess what you hint at. It is a really good and fun way to teach, but sometimes, despite all my efforts I cannot find out what you are hinting at, which is rather frustrating, knowing that I am missing something which could really improve my own health, and of people around me with whom I sometimes share your information. I feel that on this particular topic, you have something important to tell us. Could you help us, just a little more, by giving more hints or explaining at length what lies behind this topic?
    I also find your posts about Yin and Yang in the human body very useful and correct. I would sincerely be grateful (and certainly I am not the only one) if you shared more information on how to observe the Yin/ Yang in the human body.
    Thank you Happeh Theory, you’re doing a profoundly good job.

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