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This series of blog posts presents examples of heads that are interesting for some reason related to Phrenology and/or Happeh Theory. The example image for this blog post is shown above.

The science of Phrenology claims that the size and shape of the head is related to the personality and mentality of a human being. Modern science states that the claims of Phrenology are false, and that the science of Phrenology is superstitious nonsense.

Please take a moment to closely examine the example image while making your own personal judgement about the two men in the picture.

If Modern Science is right that the science of Phrenology is nonsense, the reader should feel that both men are have similar personalities and similar mentalities even though they have vastly different head shapes.

The majority of readers though will decide that the two men have different personalities and different mentalities. What is the reader basing that decision on? The strongest influence has to be the shape of each man’s head because the photograph is focused on their heads. The only other thing that might give the reader something to judge the men by would be their skin color or the condition of their upper body.

Since it seems obvious that Modern Scientists are foolish, what is it about the heads of the two men that gives the reader clues the two men have different personalities and mentalies? The science of Phrenology is very simple and the factors used to make decisions about other human beings are trivial to observe. The observations the science of Phrenology and/or Happeh Theory would use to judge the condition of the two men follow.

The shape of the black man’s head is very complex. That complex shape is outlined in the next picture.

In contrast, the Hispanic man’s head has a very simple shape as highlighted by the outline in this picture.

The main differences between the two heads that the reader, the science of Phrenology, or Happeh Theory, use to judge the personality and mentality of each of the men, include the almost flat back of the Hispanic man’s head,

and the mostly flat front of his face.

In contrast, the front of the black man’s face is made up of large bumps and deep valleys.

The back of the black man’s head looks like a huge bump compared to the flat back of the head of the Hispanic man.

It is the position of Happeh Theory that regular people, without even realizing it, use the principles of Phrenology every day when they meet others. Their life experience has taught them that if they meet a man with a flat back of the head, that man will display a certain personality and mentality. If they meet a man with a big bump sticking out of the back of his head, that man will have a different personality and mentality.

From a scientific perspective, the difference in the personality and mentality of both men can be explained with nothing more than the simple concept of volume. The flattish head of the Hispanic man surrounds a certain volume of brain that influences his personality and mentality.

That volume is represented by the half pint bottle shown in this picture.

The head of the black man with all of the bumps on the front of his face and the huge bump on the back of his head means the volume surrounded by his head is larger,

and represented by the one quart bottle in this picture.

A child knows that the larger bottle contains more fluid than the smaller bottle,

so of course there is more of whatever inside of the larger volume skull of the black man than there is inside of the smaller volume skull of the Hispanic man.

It is nothing more than common sense that if there is more of “something” inside of the head of the black man, then his personality and mentality would be different than the personality and mentality of the Hispanic man who has less of the “something” in his smaller volume head.

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  1. Hi I want to talk  about the head ,size maybe has a inflence of genetics  don´t have??I see you point about the yin part but …
    I have a small head ,and my right side is small to than my letf side ,my neck is finer too ,But do exercise a lot and training boxing for a time I have 180 centimeters and 185 pounds but my read don´t luck strong is true.and I have certain trouble is my voice can, you post some information about the voice and relation of yin part !! 

    • Almost all long term boxers or fighters will develop an asymmetric body as a result of their training.

      The voice will of course be affected by changes to the Yin part of the body. The same bodily changes that you can see on the outside of your head or neck affect the inside of the head and neck. If part of your neck has become tighter, it will alter the way air passes through the throat and it will change the shape and function of the voice box. Both the breathing and the voice will be affected.

      The changes to the Yin will also affect the torso. That is harder to notice because the torso is thick and it takes more change for it to become visible. Those changes to the torso will affect the lungs and the part of the esophagus after it leaves the throat and travels down into the body. Since the lungs provide the air to speak with, any change to the lungs could also conceivably change the voice in some way.

  2. Muscle chain theory, as presented by Mme. Denys-Struyf, has a large aspect of craniometry. The basic vertical muscle chains are presented as the anteromedian (AM) and posteromedian (PM), and are seen as tempermental, meaning they are present at birth. The AM baby likes to curl into a ball, collapsing the stomach, rounding the spine, tucking the head and retreating into the self to protect from a hostile world. This is associated with a certain egocentricism, impulsivity and emotionality, and she goes on to show how an AM heavy posture affects the bones of the skull causing a variety of occipital prominences, each synonymous with different personality aspects. The PM baby arches his back to look behind himself. He is curious and defends against the hostile world by attempting to explore and manipulate it. He is more allocentric, open minded and prone to abstraction and intellectualization. This positioning of the spine causes protrusion of the front of the skull. A balanced infant, called PA-AP (the dynamic muscle chain associated largely with breathing and the diaphragm), will grow into an elongated crown that looks somewhat alien and is associated with spiritual awareness. The fighter on the right has a strong PA-AP skull, while the fighter on the left is heavily AM, the protrusion so far back and low it blends into the neck, and this is indicative of a very visceral and reactive person. A PM skull would be characterized by, for example, a heavy brow or a high forehead.

    Unfortunately the craniometry in this theory is, as far as I know, unpublished and photos are unavailable on the internet. I only know about it because of a manuscript I possess. Here are some photos to illustrate the basic energetic-expressive nature of the muscle chains.




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