Dec 072010

The man in the picture above shows symptoms of excessive exercise as defined by Happeh Theory.

This example is very good because the man is young. His young age make the changes to his body very vivid. The head of this man is undeniably sloped from high on his right to low on the left.

The right eye appears larger than the left eye.

The right side of the upper chest looks bony or like there is cartilage sticking out. The left side of the upper chest looks more meaty and muscular.

The right side of the mouth is more open than the left side of the mouth.

The head is tilted to the left.

The tilt of the head to the left makes the left ear look lower than the right ear.

The left chest muscle looks bigger than the right chest muscle.

An interesting aspect of the changes to the body caused by masturbation, excessive exercise, or the other causes listed by Happeh Theory, are that the clothes will change in a related way to the way the body has changed. The left side of this man’s head looks shorter than the right side of his head, and the left side of his pants leg are flared out, while the right side pants leg is tight to the leg.

All of these signs are typical of a person who engages in excessive exercise. About 80 percent of the signs shown in the pictures, will also occur in pictures of people who masturbate excessively, inject drugs, snort drugs, are involved in homosexuality, or involved with anorexia.

  2 Responses to “Excessive Exercise Example 07”

  1. my left chest is bigger than right i am also addict to masturbation. i belive happeh theory most of doctor say that masturbation have no side effect its good for heath ..plzz help me how my chest balance?

  2. Hi Happeh,
    I go to the gym and play tennis, I want to recover from masturbation will that help???
    how much is too much exercise????
    thank you

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