Dec 072010

The man in the picture above is a professional fighter.

This example is very good because their are many obvious signs. The most obvious being that the right side of the man’s face is brightly lit while the left side of his face is dark.

An interesting aspect of the picture above is that the man looks like he only has one eye doesn’t he? A creature with one eye is called a Cyclops. A Cyclops is not a mythological creature. A Cyclops is a human being who looks like the man above.

According to Happeh Theory, the left side of the man’s head is dark because it is smaller than his right side. Corroboration for this claim can be found in the shoulders.

The right shoulder is large, brightly lit, and obvious. The left shoulder is dark and the details of it’s appearance can not be made out clearly. Yes this is partially due to the lighting of the picture and the man’s posture. Nevertheless, the appearance of the shoulders in the picture above does support the claim that the man’s left side is smaller than his right side.

The man’s entire head is tilted to his right.

Why is the man’s head tilted? There is no outward physical reason for his head to tilt. He is tilting his head for some reason.

According to Happeh Theory, his head is tilted because the muscles and other structures that control the position of the head are imbalanced as a result of Excessive Physical Exertion.

Each one of the symptoms above, the Cyclops eye, the light and dark halves of the face, the unbalanced shoulders, and the tilt of the head are all signs of Excessive Masturbation according to Happeh Theory.

We know this man’s symptoms are due to Excessive Physical Exertion because he is a professional fighter and because his body appears to be strong and healthy.

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