The Sculpture Known As “Atlas” – Incomplete

The picture below shows a famous statue known as “Atlas”.

The example picture shows a man who is kneeling down,

presumably as the result of the large sphere resting on his right shoulder.

The right and left arms are raised upwards

so the hands can be placed on either side of the sphere,

presumably to support the sphere and to keep it from moving.

The head of the statue is tilted down towards the left,

because the sphere has pushed it aside.

This figure is supposed to represent the Greek God Atlas, who is supporting the heavens, which are represented by the large sphere on his shoulders.

According to Happeh Theory, the statue is an attempt to graphically depict the effect on the body of the effects of right hand masturbation. The large sphere on the shoulders of the figure is not the heavens, it is the figures energy.

The human body has what is commonly called “energy” associated with it. That energy can be described in a variety of different ways depending on what subject is being discussed. The energy of the human body can be treated as a sphere or ellipse the completely encloses the human body, it can be treated as an amorphous, ever changing cloud that hovers about the body, or it can be treated as a sphere that is centered within the physical body, as demonstrated in this picture.

The sphere of energy in the center of the physical body is held at the center of the body by a properly aligned physical body. That energy sphere does not have to stay in the center of the body. The energy sphere can move anywhere in reaction to changes made to the physical body.

That is the case with the example statue. The physical act of masturbation has caused the energy sphere in the center of the body to expand in size and move to the location shown in the example picture.

What observations about the statue support the claim that the statue is a depiction of the effects on the physical body of the act of Right Hand Masturbation?

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will majority shrink one half of the body. The side of the body that shrinks is dependent on which hand is used for masturbation. Examination of the statue shows that the right knee is lower than the left knee,

and the right arm is raised up higher than the left arm.

It might seem confusing that a right arm that is raised higher indicates the right arm is shrunken. Since the word “shrunken” means “to be reduced in size”, it might seem logical that the right arm would be lower since it was smaller.

The reason a right arm that is raised higher is confirmation the right arm is shrunken, or reduced in size, is because the shrinkage and atrophy of the right arm requires it to stretch and reach up higher in order to support the sphere in a stable way.

So the lower right knee and the higher right arm corroborate the claim masturbation majority shrinks one side of the body.

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