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(  This is incomplete material is from an unfinished book that was begun years ago. The material has been reprinted here with no editing. )

According to the Mask View of the Human Body, the human body can behave as if the face is a mask. The front of the face and some of the side of the head will become extremely hard in a shape generally like the one of the example mask in the previous picture. There will be a clearly visible boundary between the mask area on the side of the head and the rest of the head.

The mask on the face of a human being is a product of a certain type of development of the body. That type of body development was more common in the past, which makes it easier to find examples of real life human beings with “mask faces” on pictures of historical human beings, than it is to find examples on modern day human beings.

It is the opinion of the author of this blog entry that technology, along with the purposeful actions of what can be described as “evil forces”, is causing a de-evolution or weakening of the average human being. That weakening of the body, and their ignorance of the ideas behind the development of the body that produce a “mask face”, makes it much more rare to find examples of currently living mask faced human beings.

The following picture provides a rough idea of the part of the face and head that hardens into the mask of “The Mask View of the Human Body”

The face and head that is exposed in front of the headdress the man is wearing will become hard in a human being who has a “mask face.

The next picture shows an outline of a real human head. The back of the head is outlined in black. The part of the head and face that hardens into a “mask face” is outlined in red.

The outlined front part of that real human head looks just like the actual mask shown on the right in the following comparison picture. 

According to Happeh Theory, the inspiration behind the creation of masks like the one in the previous picture was the hardened part of the face and head on real life human beings, like the one on the left in the previous picture. 

The next picture shows a raising his face upwards as he yells. The man’s head exhibits signs of what is being called a “mask face”.

This particular example of a “mask face” is a mild one, which means there is not a clearly visible boundary between the “mask face” and the rest of the head.

It is relevant to the discussion to note the man is a professional fighter. It was stated that a “mask face” was the result of a certain type of development of the human body. Because the man is a strong looking professional fighter, it would be reasonable to assume that a strong body is associated with the hardening of the face and head that produces “mask face”.

The line in the following picture approximately follows the boundary between the hardening front part of the head that will develop into a “mask face”, and the rest of the head.


The Mask View of the Human Body is closely interrelated with another theoretical model of the human body created for Happeh Theory, which is called “The Blob View of the Human Body”. The Blob View Of The Human Body states the human body can be treated as if it is a large blob like a blob of cookie dough that is soft and can be forced into various shapes.

According to Happeh Theory, the mask of The Mask View Of The Human Body is created by the strengthening of what is being called the “blob” of The Blob View Of The Human Body. The reasoning is simple. The blob of The Blob View Of The Human Body needs something to anchor itself on or pull on in order to strengthen itself. So it makes a part of itself into a very hard anchor that the rest of it can pull against.

It is logical that the face and front of the head are used by the blob as an anchor, because the skull is the biggest area of bone in the body. The blob would need the strongest part of the body to anchor a piece of itself on, if it wanted to develop the rest of itself as strongly as possible.

These ideas are related to Yin Yang Theory, which claims that everything can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yin is defined as soft, while Yang is defined as hard. The face and part of the head that harden into a mask are becoming very Yang or very hard, so the rest of the body can become very Yin, or very soft.


The author of this blog believes the sensations produced by what is being called “The Mask View of the Human Body” were the inspiration for the “face hugger” aliens in the movie “Aliens”. For readers who have not seen the movie “Aliens”, face hugger aliens would grab onto their victim’s face like a mask grabs the face of the person wearing it.

This author believes the artist who designed the face hugger sensations was experiencing sensations on their own face associated with the development of a mask. Because the artists did not know what was happening to his body, and perhaps because his thoughts about the feelings were tinged by drug use, he felt the sensations could be produced by some alien creature that was manipulating his body against his will, possibly or probably with ill intent. 

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