Jul 302010

The example picture for this entry is focused on a young boy from the country of India. The Indian boy shows some of the typical signs of healthy Yin development in his body.

One of those signs is the thickness of the boy’s cheeks. They look like they are covered with a layer of some material of some kind instead of looking like bones that are covered with flesh.

The boy is yawning with his mouth wide open. The look of his mouth as he is yawning is characteristic of strong Yin development of the body. The mouth is open very wide with a pronounced circular shape.

 The mouth looks the way it does because it is being opened by more interior parts of the body, as opposed to being opened by the local muscles of the face.

Another sign of strong Yin development are ears the protrude out from the head,

with a well formed shape.

The reader will have noted the left ear sticks far out from the head with a very obvious shape,

while the right ear is closer to the head with a less visible shape.

That discrepancy is an example of the fact that even though a human body displays signs of strong Yin, it can still be asymmetric. That reality might bother some people who have read about the connections between Asymmetry of the body and health problems in other Happeh Theory material.

In a comparison between the Indian boy and another human body that also had a strongly developed Yin part of the body that was symmetric, the Indian boy would be the lesser of the two. In a comparison between the bodily asymmetry of the Indian boy and most other people though, the strength of his Yin development will still make him a better human being than those other people, even with the undeniable asymmetry exhibited by his body.

The left ear being larger than the right ear reinforces the claims of this blog because the left side of the body is associated with Yin. The larger ear would be expected to be on the left or Yin side of the body if the body in question had strongly developed Yin, as this blog entry has claimed is the case with the body of the Indian boy.

Another observation that supports the claim the boy’s body is asymmetric is his hat. The boy’s hat slants off to the left side of his body.

The boy’s hat is pointing off to his left because the more strongly developed left or Yin side of his body has a larger and higher peak,

than the less strongly developed right or Yang side of this body.

Since the top of the head has to cover the peaks of both arches, the top of the head must curve over to the left side of the body to completely cover the taller left side of the head, as shown by the green arch in the next picture.

Jul 302010

This blog entry uses the following picture of three woman to highlight how the strength of the Yin development of a body affects the appearance of that body.

Please take a few moments to examine the picture and form an impression of each of the three women.

The woman in the middle of the picture has the strongest Yin.

The natural response to that statement is “What observations justify that conclusion?”.

One of the most obvious indicators of the strength of Yin development of a body is thick strong legs. Examination of the picture reveals the woman in the middle has the thickest and strongest looking legs,

while the legs of the other two woman are much smaller looking.


Supporting the claim that thin legs are a sign of weak Yin, the left leg of the woman on the left is lifted upwards so the knee can be seen.


Why is a lifting upwards leg indicative of weak Yin?

In what should be common sense reasoning, a leg would only lift upwards off of the ground where it belongs, if the body, specifically the Yin part of the body, was too weak to hold it down.

In addition to the difference in leg size, the torso of the woman in the middle is wider and stronger looking


than the torso of the other two women.

Another torso related observation that verifies the woman in the middle has the strongest Yin is the large dent in the right side of the woman on the right.


A large dent in the side of the torso is almost always caused by shrinkage of the Yin part of the body, so of course if the Yin part of her body has shrunk enough to produce that large dent, then she cannot have strong Yin.

The right side of the torso of the woman on the left also has a dent in it, although it is hard to see because her right arm is blocking a clear view of it.


The next picture highlights the gentle curves of the sides of the woman in the middle with the strongest Yin to allow comparison of them to the dented right side of the other two women.


The position of the arms of the woman also indicate which one has the strongest Yin. The arms of the woman in the middle who has strong Yin are hanging down along the side of her body.


In contrast, the right arm of the woman on the left is lifted up by her breast,


and her left arm is raised all the way up to her head,


and the right arm of the woman on the right is lifted up to her hip.


The breasts of the strong Yin woman in the middle also appear to be larger,


than the breasts of the other two women.


Some readers might feel the breasts of the woman on the left has roughly the same size breasts as the woman in the middle. Especially the left breast.


The left breast of the woman on the left does look almost as large if not larger than the breasts of the women in the middle,


but a close inspection of the left breast reveals a strongly rounded shape which is indicative of breast implants.


A breast size that is the result of implants obviously has no bearing on the amount of Yin development of the breast the implant is inserted into.

Jul 292010

The news story that is the subject of this blog post is about a robotic device that helps people move. The device was invented by Japanese scientists. The Japanese have a history of creating robots that mimic the human body in some way. The Japanese are very famous for inventing a humanoid robot that can walk around by itself without falling down.

No western countries that have created similarly sophisticated humanoid type robots. The reason why is very simple.

The Japanese base their robots on Yin Yang Theory..

The robotic device described in the news story is one such robot. The purpose of the robot is to help people walk. It does so by duplicating the way the Yin part of the lower body operates. The following picture shows what the robot looks like.

Then some pictures of the robot assisting a human being to walk.

The way in which the robot and the Yin part of the lower body work is not that hard to figure out if you think about it. The robot is behaving as a spring loaded seat. The curve in the next picture represents the spring.

The seat is braced on the knees,

and the spring pushes up on the buttocks. 

The original news story is reprinted below.


DailyTech reported last month about a new HAL suit from Cyberdyne Corp. which is currently available only with robotic legs, but will soon be available with both arms and legs. The suit doubles the users’ strength, a feat bringing fantasy visions such as the suit in the movie “Iron Man” closer to reality.

Now Honda Motor Co. is joining the push to create robotic movement assistance devices to create superpower suits to help handicapped individuals. Honda’s device for the time being is aimed more solidly at the handicapped market than Cyberdyne’s. The new robotic leg assists the user’s natural movement and exerts significant force to take stress off the users’ joints when walking, travelling up stairs, or “semi-crouching”.

Honda says after extensive testing in the lab, it plans to subject the robotic leg to “real world conditions” — whatever that may mean.

The new Honda device is significantly simpler than Cyberdyne’s, but it also looks less chic. It consists of a seat, frame, and shoes. To wear it, a user merely needs to put on the shoes and lift the seat into position. When worn the device takes stress off muscles and ankle, knee, and hip joints.

The “medium size” suit fits users from 5′ 6″ to 5′ 10″. It weighs 6.5 kg, but is at least partially self-supporting. Its two motors are powered by a lithium ion battery and can run for 2 hours on a single charge.

Honda claims its suit is superior to competitors as it uses advanced sensing to allow the user to move in a natural motion. The assist force is controlled in concert with the legs and directed towards the user’s center of gravity. This makes the motion feel natural, essential to reducing stress on the joints. Honda says that this technology is “unique”.

The walking device initiative was first launched by Honda in 1999. The creation of the device borrowed heavily from the walking research that went into Honda’s advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO. This research was carried out at the Fundamental Technology Research Center of Honda RampCo., Ltd. in Wako, Saitama.

To test the usefulness of the device’s movement assistance, Honda will be testing the device at the Saitama Factory (in Sayama, Saitama). The testing will begin later this month.

Jul 282010

Human beings have an energy associated with their body. Some of the characteristics of that energy is that it forms a field around the human body, it is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living creatures. Human beings have the ability to sense the energy of other human beings and all other living creatures.

Yin Yang Theory was developed in Asia, supposedly hundreds of years ago. According to Yin Yang Theory, everything in the universe can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yin is associated with softness, the act of expanding, and femininity. Yang is associated with hardness, the act of contracting, and masculinity.

Please examine the following picture and form your own impression of the scene and the people in it.

The picture shows a man and a woman. According to the previous paragraph, the man is Yang, which is hard and contracting. Please look at the man’s hands. The man’s hands are moving towards each other. They could also be described as “contracting towards each other”.

The man is Yang and his hands are acting in a Yang, or contracting way.

It was stated earlier that human beings have the ability to sense the energy of other human beings. The man’s energy is focused on the woman, so she will feel the contracting force being generated by the man’s hands. If it is true that the man’s energy can travel from him and into the woman’s body where she can feel it, then it seems reasonable to expect there would be some kind of reaction on the part of the woman. 

Please examine the woman’s body for anything that looks like it would be related to her body experiencing a contracting force being exerted on it by the man.

The woman’s hands are expanding outwards and away from each other.

which would be a natural reaction to a feeling of contraction.

When the man’s contracting energy enters the woman’s body it causes her body to contract. The woman either consciously or instinctively wants to reject that feeling.

What would the woman have to do to rid herself of the contracting force being imposed on it by the man? Either the imposition of the contracting force on the body would have to be stopped, or the contracting force would have to be negated.

For whatever reason the woman is not doing anything to stop the man from imposing the contracting force on her. Most likely her motivation is courtesy. The woman would have to physically grab, bump, or otherwise physically stun the man, or she would have to verbally attack or chide him in some way, in order to make him stop imposing the contracting force on her. All of those actions are considered impolite at the social level the man and woman are a part of.

That leaves negating the contracting force as the only option left to the woman. Which is exactly what she is doing. The woman generated an expanding force by expanding her hands apart, which counteracts and negates the contracting force being imposed on her body by the man.