Your Life Experience Proves Phrenology Is True

Modern scientists claim that Phrenology is quackery, or a fraudulent or baseless science. The author of this blog believes that people whose actions fit the dictionary definition of the term “evil” purposefully attacked and discredited the Science Of Phrenology in order to deny the public at large the health, psychological, and sociological benefits that knowledge of the Science Of Phrenology will bring to any human society.

Once those evil people had forced their lies onto the science community and the general public back in the 1800’s, those lies became enshrined in history as scientific fact, never to be doubted again. That is why the creator of Happeh Theory claims that statements by modern scientists deriding or ridiculing the Science Of Phrenology are not the result of considered thought. Those comments are based on their trust in the system that taught them to believe the Science Of Phrenology has no value.

If modern scientists actually delved into and considered the basic principles of Phrenology, it is inevitable they would agree with at least the basic principles of Phrenology, and probably much of the more detailed information contained within the Science Of Phrenology.

Most modern scientists will not even consider the idea the Science Of Phrenology could contain valid information though, because they cannot conceive of the possibility that the authorities who trained them could either be lying or incorrect. Entertaining the thought their superiors lied to them or were wrong would undermine their entire self image and the trust they have in all of their medical training. Most people, not just scientists, do not have the fortitude to question the basic tenets of their beliefs.

That line of reasoning should give the reader the confidence that they can determine on their own whether or not the basic principles of Phrenology are true or not on their own. ¬†After all, if modern scientists have not even really studied Phrenology to verify if it really is a valid science or not, their opinions are worthless aren’t they?¬†And why would you or any other reader believe the claims of someone who plainly stated “I have not bothered to investigate Phrenology myself to see if it is true or not. I am just repeating the claims my school books made”.

The next few pictures will should be enough for any reader to decide for themselves that the most basic principle of Phrenology, which is “The shape, size, and various landmarks on the head of a human being are related to the personality, mentality, and intelligence of that human being” is a true statement, because all they need is their own life experience to verify what is being claimed.

Here is the first example picture.

The large rounded shape of the man’s head would lead most people to say that the man was smart, because in their life experience, men with large rounded heads are usually smart.

If the size and shape of the head was not associated with a certain types of personality or mentality as claimed by scientists, then there would be no common stereotype of men with large rounded heads being smart.

Here is the next example picture.

Many people would say that this woman was a strong, healthy, and friendly woman. Why? The only thing in the picture is her head, so what is it that would make people say that the woman was strong, healthy and friendly?

The reality of the basic principles of Phrenology is what makes people judge the woman in the picture above as strong, healthy, and friendly. The size and shape of the head and face of the woman along with various other landmarks all indicate to the observer that she is a strong, healthy, and friendly human being.

Here is the next example.

The immediate reaction of most people would be that there was something strange about this man. Why? Because in real life a human being whose head is twisted around and has a funny shape like the head of the man above, will exhibit strange mental or personality related behavior.

That reaction proves the basic principles of Phrenology. The shape and size of the man’s head, along with the distorted looking landmarks on the head and face from the twisting, cure the observer that there is most likely something mentally wrong with this man.

The examples above all support the claim that the basic concept of Phrenology is true. The size and shape of the head of a human being do influence the mentality and personality of a human being.

If they didn’t, how could the reader make the judgements they do about the human beings in each picture? There is nothing in the pictures to make judgements on but the shape, size, and landmarks on the heads and face of the example individuals.


  1. Are not human beings obseving facial expressions, (which are not the physiology of the head and face), as well?
    I like your page which talks about strenghening the muscles around the armpit, as well.

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