Feb 252010

Phrenology is an area of science that claims that the shape of the human head is related to the personality and mentality exhibited by a human being.

Happeh Theory is a collection of information about the construction and behavior of the human body. One of the claims of Happeh Theory is that the human body behaves like a Pyramid.

A Pyramid

is constructed from a rectangular base

and triangular faces.

According to Happeh Theory, one of the pieces of evidence for the claim that the human body behaves like a Pyramid, is the existence of a very definite triangle shape on the heads of human beings whose bodies are developed in a particular way.

This picture shows an example human being whose face has a triangle in it.

The base of the triangle is formed by the outer points of each eyebrow, and the peak of the triangle is on the chin.

The intriguing characteristic of the triangle found in the face is that it is an upside down triangle.

A Pyramid is constructed from right side up triangles.

If the human body behaves like a Pyramid, why is the triangle in the face upside down?

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