Jan 072010

This video is part 02 of the series on The Wave View of the Human Body.

It was stated in the first video of this series that the construction and behavior of the human body is influenced by waves. This is a picture of a wave on an instrument called an oscilloscope.

This three view picture of the human body,

was used to prove the statement that the human body is influenced by waves. The arms, legs and torso of the human body, all have a wave shape to them, as shown by the red lines.

This video will present more information that proves the human body is influenced by waves.

The main organ of the body that keeps a human being alive is the heart. The heart pumps blood throughout the body every second of a person’s life.

How is blood pumped in and out of the heart? In what is called the Diastolic Phase,

the heart relaxes so that blood can enter into and fill the heart. Then, in what is called the Systolic Phase,

the heart contracts which forces the blood in the heart back out into the body.

The heart beats constantly which means that the heart is always alternating between the Diastolic phase and the Systolic phase. This picture shows multiple alternating instances of the heart in the Diastolic Phase and the Systolic Phase.

In simple language, the picture shows a series of alternating large and small human hearts.

What does the overall shape of the top or bottom of the alternating hearts look like? A line following the contours of the alternating hearts is drawn above and below the hearts in this picture,

to make it clear what that shape is.

The overall shape at the top and the bottom of the alternating hearts is a wave. Here is a picture comparing the lines at the top and bottom of the hearts to the wave that was shown on the oscilloscope.

They both look similar.

Every time the heart beats, it sends waves throughout the entire body. This phenomenon is more proof that the statement “The human body is influenced by waves”, is a true statement.

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