Jun 242015
Viagra ‘May Raise The Risk Of Skin Cancer By 30 Percent’

A frequent reason for people to reject the claims of Happeh Theory is because many of the claims made by Happeh Theory are contrary to accepted scientific pronouncements. Even though scientists have frequently been proven wrong about those pronouncements over the past decades and centuries. To counter that blind faith that people generally have in […]

Jun 072015
College Student Solves 30 Year Old Math Problem

Many people reject Happeh Theory because they feel only “scientists” can be right about anything. Happeh Theory of course claims that anyone can produce insight into any subject.

The story reprinted in this post bolsters that claim by reporting on a college student who solved a 30 year old math problem. The student has not graduated so he is not a “scientist”, yet he provided insight into a math problem by solving. A problem that no “real” scientist has been able to solve for 30 years.